Who Should I Call to Fix a Chimney Leak?

A chimney leak is a big problem. Whether the water comes into your chimney through the masonry itself, the flashing, the roof, or right down the uncapped flue, water will wreak havoc on a healthy chimney. Every material that makes up masonry is adversely affected by water, and your chimney is no different. Water and […]

Signs of a Leaky Chimney

Of all the times of year that you might notice a chimney leak, spring is the most common. The chimney might leak during other times of the year, but the high amounts of water that fall during the spring months make leaks easily detectable to homeowners. Ordinarily, leaks aren’t noticed by homeowners because they don’t […]

We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

It’s spring, and although you may have stopped lighting a fire, your chimney is still serving a purpose. Your chimney works to keep water out year-round. During this time of year, storms and heavy rainfall can affect the chimney if it’s allowed inside. We’re here to help prevent water entry and damage. Chimney Leaks There […]

Leaky Chimneys And The Effect On Your Home

Your chimney is designed to last. It’s designed to withstand abuse from heat, chemical byproducts, and weather. However, to keep it working properly it must be maintained. The worst thing that can happen to your chimney system is water intrusion. It can mean costly repairs to your chimney and your home, time without your fire, […]