How to Tell What Kind of Fireplace You Have

If you’re new to your home, whether you inherited it, if it’s a new purchase, or you are a REALTOR with a new investment, it’s important to understand what type of fireplace you have. The type of fireplace you have will determine how your home is heated, what safety precautions you should make while using […]

Does My Fireplace Need a Blower?

Common questions we see this time of year at Brickliners involves heat output. During the spring and fall, homeowners want to use their fireplace as supplemental heat to avoid cranking up the central heating unit until necessary. Would you fireplace produce more heat if you installed a blower? There are many benefits to using a […]

We Sell Gas Fireplaces

August is just around the corner and homeowners are thinking about fall already. With fall comes cool weather and cozy fireplaces. Next will come holidays, family gatherings, and group photos. This is the time to think about your fireplace, and how your fireplace can affect your fall and winter. Gas V. Wood When it comes […]

Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Gas appliances are among the most sought after and desirable appliances in not only the New England area, but the nation as a whole. Prospective homebuyers prefer them to wood products because of their safety, convenience, and efficiency. However, as with wood fireplaces and chimneys, neglecting regular maintenance leads to costly repairs. Let us tell […]