The Freeze and Thaw Cycle

The worst thing that can happen to your chimney system no matter what time of year is water damage. A chimney leak can damage the masonry, compromising its safety and efficiency, but it can also damage other portions of the home. When water is allowed into the home by way of the chimney, it will […]

Why Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

While you’re deep in Spring Cleaning, don’t forget your clothes dryer vent. Many dryers let off heat while they run, so you might opt to run them overnight. This is the time when house fires are most dangerous–while the family is sleeping. Clothes Dryers and House Fires According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are […]

Gas vs. Wood Fireplaces and Their Effect on Energy Costs

When it comes to gas and wood fireplaces, both are a fantastic option, both for aesthetics as well as efficiency. They differ slightly when it comes to maintenance and ease of use, because with gas fireplaces you can have an easy push-button start, whereas with wood you have to build a fire. What’s more, gas […]

Masonry Repairs: Everything You Need To Know

Clay, one of the most popular building materials, has for years been extracted from the crust, reshaped, baked and turned into brick or terra cotta masonry. Masonry is the most durable chimney building material, however, it is still vulnerable to damage requiring repairs and maintenance. A variety of external and internal factors act upon your […]

Welcome to the New Brickliner’s Blog

Let’s start the conversation. When we planned for our new website, we wanted to be sure to include a blog. This is a place where we can share current news and events, and information about projects and happenings with our customers and employees. Check back soon. This promises to be a very busy spring season […]