What We Look for During Inspections

Fall is officially here. There is a chill in the air when you roll out of bed in the morning. For many homeowners, they depend on their fireplace during this time of year to avoid cranking up the central heating system. It helps to save money, and it brings ambiance and warmth into your home. […]

Now Is The Time To Schedule Annual Chimney Sweeping

Children are returning to schools, wood is being stacked for winter, and homes are being weatherized. When the air gets crisp, it is a great time to think about scheduling your annual chimney sweep. Having your chimney cleaned before burn season decreases risk of fire, health complications, and general inefficiency in the chimney system. Importance […]

Keep Animals Out With A Chimney Cap

All parts of the chimney system are vital in helping it work properly and safely. However, some parts are often overlooked because they’re hidden from sight. In order to notice if the chimney cap is damaged or missing, a homeowner would have to check on it periodically by looking up. Even then, you can’t tell […]

The Value of Forward Scheduling

If you are a homeowner, you are likely aware of the amount of effort it can take to properly maintain a home or property. You might have had to deal with unexpected disasters, costs, and repairs. Hopefully you have not had to deal with homeowners insurance claims. If you have, you know it can also […]