The Value of a Chimney Cap

Of all of the parts, pieces, and functions of your chimney system, the chimney cap may be the most valuable. It’s one of the most effective preventative measures you can take as a homeowner, and it’s an affordable way to add a decorative touch to your chimney top. Preventing Water Damage Prevention is key to […]

The Value of HeatShield

Your chimney liner is a vital part of your chimney system and has three primary jobs. If it fails to do any of these jobs it results in a health or fire hazard. The chimney liner prevents heat transfer. Your chimney vents hot gases, sparks, and dangerous heat up and out of the home. The […]

It’s Not Too Late To Have Your Chimney Swept!

Our you one of our New England neighbors? If so, you’re well into winter and have most likely been using your fireplace or stove for weeks. Even if you’ve been using it regularly since fall, it isn’t too late to have it swept. Brickliners offers chimney services throughout the year, including the burning season. However, […]

We’re Proud to Serve Burlington

Since 2005 homeowners in Northwest Vermont have depended on Brickliners. The people of Chittenden County, greater Burlington, Essex, Jericho, and anywhere in Franklin, Addison, and Washington Counties trust Brickliners for fireplace and chimney installation and services as well as dryer vent services year-round. At Brickliners we strive to not only offer professional and affordable services, […]