What Does a Damaged Chimney Look Like?

When it comes to your chimney system, the chimney crown withstand more weather and wear and tear than any of the other parts. It literally crowns the top of the chimney, acting as a ceiling to keep water and weather out. It’s constructed out of certain materials and made in a certain shape in order […]

Chimney Crown Repairs

The most important parts of the chimney system are those that keep water out, because water destroys masonry from the inside out. When these parts of the chimney become damaged, it’s only a matter of time until water penetrates the system and damages it and the home. This causes a drop in efficiency, raising fire risk, […]

About Chimney Crown Repairs

There are many vital parts to the chimney system, all of them working together to protect your family and home from dangerous toxins and fire hazard. The chimney vents smoke, soot, microscopic particles, and toxic gases up the chimney. In order for it to continue to work properly, efficiently, and safely, you have to protect […]