The Consequences of Damaged Masonry

No matter if your chimney has stood for one year or a hundred years, it endures extreme abuse year-round. Even well-made chimneys can become damaged due to weather and time and should be repaired as soon as possible. Failing to make necessary repairs when the masonry becomes damaged can lead to a host of problems […]

We Can Construct New Chimneys Or Rebuild Old Ones

Your chimney is likely the finest fixture in your home. The fireplace is the focal point of your home décor, while the chimney brings together the aesthetic of the home’s exterior. No matter how old or new your chimney is, if it becomes damaged or worn, you will see it! Your guests will see it! […]

Get Your Chimney Swept Before Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about the cozy nights around the fire. By now you probably already have a decent accumulation of seasoned firewood, but it won’t make a difference if your fireplace is not ready for use. A poorly-maintained fireplace and chimney system will not perform well this […]

Schedule a Chimney Service Now!

It’s officially summer, and your chimney has likely been out of service for several weeks. Don’t waste the off-season when you can use this time to prepare the chimney for burn season! Schedule all of your routine chimney services, repairs, and installations during the summer months and it’ll be ready for the first fire this […]

How Can Parging Help My Chimney?

Your chimney system is made up of many parts to help it run consistently and properly. Some parts are replaceable such as the cap or damper. However, other parts must be repaired or treated, as they make up and contribute to the structure of the chimney. The structure of the chimney includes the foundation, ash […]

All About HeatShield®

When it comes to the chimney system, there are many ways to repair, restore, and preserve it so that it lasts. Even chimneys that are constructed perfectly will require some maintenance in order to stay up to code, maximize efficiency, and keep operate safely. Industry professionals have been working for years to stay ahead of […]

Checking for Masonry Damage After a Storm

Spring is here, and with it comes severe weather in many parts of the country. This includes our service area in and around Burlington. If you avoided winter damage, your chimney is less likely to sustain storm damage. However, any severe storm can cause damage. So, it is best to check your system for damage […]