What Type of Firewood Burns Best?

Whether you’re burning a fire in fall, winter, or spring, it’s important that it burns efficiently and safely. The type of firewood you’re burning in your system may determine how well it heats, how much soot and creosote are produced with fire, and how often your system will need maintenance. Even if you’re finished using […]

Proudly Serving Burlington

The owner and technicians at Brickliners care about our community. Many of us are from Burlington. It’s where, in 2005, Brickliners was founded with one thing in mind: to provide the best services in the business in order to keep our community safe. At Brickliners, we believe one chimney-related house fire is too many. That […]

Smoke Chamber Repair

The chimney system is made up of many important parts, including some that were designed and built decades ago, affecting their performance today. The smoke chamber is one of these parts. It’s the gateway to the chimney and the first place the smoke goes to enter the chimney and escape the house. This seemingly insignificant […]