Why Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

While you’re deep in Spring Cleaning, don’t forget your clothes dryer vent. Many dryers let off heat while they run, so you might opt to run them overnight. This is the time when house fires are most dangerous–while the family is sleeping. Clothes Dryers and House Fires According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are […]

What is Seasoned Firewood and Why Is It So Important?

Homeowners that have been burning wood for several years are probably familiar with the term ‘seasoned firewood’. New homeowners, however, and those who have a newly installed wood fireplace or stove might not know that seasoned firewood is the only fuel that should be burned in the fireplace. Dryness, Density, and Age of Wood Wood […]

Fireplace Safety Tips

You can have a perfectly-maintained fireplace, appliance, and chimney and still experience accidents because of carelessness and bad habits. It’s important to treat the fire as it is—a dangerous element that can destroy your home, and cause illness and death. Keep these things in mind while managing your fireplace this winter season: Never burn anything […]