We Repair and Replace Chimney Liners

The Chimney Liner The liner of your chimney has many jobs. It’s one of the largest parts of the chimney system, and very important for safety and efficiency. The chimney liner acts as a barrier, keeping the heat from the fire from affecting the rest of the house or damaging the masonry. It also protects […]

Heatshield: The Value of a Chimney Liner

What is a Chimney Liner? The chimney liner is a barrier that lines the inside of the chimney. It has three main functions: Protects the House from Heat. Without a liner to serve as a refractive barrier, the high heat from the fireplace transfers from the chimney. This weakens and warps building materials and can […]

The Value of HeatShield

Your chimney liner is a vital part of your chimney system and has three primary jobs. If it fails to do any of these jobs it results in a health or fire hazard. The chimney liner prevents heat transfer. Your chimney vents hot gases, sparks, and dangerous heat up and out of the home. The […]

All About Chimney Liners

You have a chimney. It’s sturdy, straight, and has never caused a problem. But your insurance company wants you to have a liner. Why It’s Important A chimney liner is vital to the functionality and safety of your chimney system. In fact, a chimney without a proper liner is considered extremely dangerous and unusable. It may […]