The Importance of Chimney Flashing

One of the most important parts of the chimney system is flashing. Many homeowners assume it’s part of the roofing, others understand it’s part of the chimney—but what is it? The flashing is made up of thin sheets of metal that are placed meticulously to shed water in a certain way to prevent water penetration. […]

Leaky Chimneys And The Effect On Your Home

Your chimney is designed to last. It’s designed to withstand abuse from heat, chemical byproducts, and weather. However, to keep it working properly it must be maintained. The worst thing that can happen to your chimney system is water intrusion. It can mean costly repairs to your chimney and your home, time without your fire, […]

About Chimney Crown Repairs

There are many vital parts to the chimney system, all of them working together to protect your family and home from dangerous toxins and fire hazard. The chimney vents smoke, soot, microscopic particles, and toxic gases up the chimney. In order for it to continue to work properly, efficiently, and safely, you have to protect […]