The Value of a Chimney Cap

Of all of the parts, pieces, and functions of your chimney system, the chimney cap may be the most valuable. It’s one of the most effective preventative measures you can take as a homeowner, and it’s an affordable way to add a decorative touch to your chimney top. Preventing Water Damage Prevention is key to […]

The Freeze and Thaw Cycle

The worst thing that can happen to your chimney system no matter what time of year is water damage. A chimney leak can damage the masonry, compromising its safety and efficiency, but it can also damage other portions of the home. When water is allowed into the home by way of the chimney, it will […]

We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

It’s spring, and although you may have stopped lighting a fire, your chimney is still serving a purpose. Your chimney works to keep water out year-round. During this time of year, storms and heavy rainfall can affect the chimney if it’s allowed inside. We’re here to help prevent water entry and damage. Chimney Leaks There […]

Chimney Crown Repairs

The most important parts of the chimney system are those that keep water out, because water destroys masonry from the inside out. When these parts of the chimney become damaged, it’s only a matter of time until water penetrates the system and damages it and the home. This causes a drop in efficiency, raising fire risk, […]