If you’re a home or business owner, you should take pride in your investment. A fireplace can add ambiance and equity to a home, but if routine maintenance is neglected, the fireplace and chimney can actually become damaging to your property.

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As with any part of your house—roofs, doors, walls, windows—the goal is to keep the outside out. When weather is allowed into the house, it isn’t just uncomfortable for the homeowner, it can actually damage your home, costing more than just discomfort later.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) , water penetration can cause extensive and expensive damage to the chimney system, including:

  • Rusted damper assemblies, fireplace accessories, and glass doors
  • Deteriorated firebox assemblies and central heating system
  • Rotting adjacent wood, ruined wall coverings, and decayed exterior mortar
  • Water-stained walls, ceiling, and chimney exterior
  • Clogged clean-out area
  • Cracked flue lining
  • Collapsed hearth support and chimney structure
  • Chimney settlement

Some of the most common water damage can require massive repair and even reconstruction to your chimney system, so it is best to keep up with routine inspections and maintenance.

Signs of a Leaky Chimney

Some things that home owners should take note of in their home include:

  • Water leaking from your ceiling or walls (and it doesn’t have to be near the chimney)
  • Stains on your ceiling or walls around your fireplace or chimney
  • Musty, moldy odor coming from the fireplace
  • A dripping sound in the fireplace
  • Water in the firebox
  • Stained masonry
  • Crumbling masonry

Like most other things, prevention saves time and money in the long run, so the best way to catch a leak before damage is done is to schedule your regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections. It’s at these routine visits that a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) will recognize, diagnose, and plan to repair chimney damage. At Brickliners we’re proud to offer expert services and experienced sweeps that are familiar with all types of water damage and can spot a problem before it becomes a disaster.


Chimney sweeps and inspections are not the only reasons to schedule an appointment with a professional. A Brickliners professional can apply a waterproofing
sealant, specially formulated for chimneys to allow vapors to escape, while keeping water out. This should only be applied by a professional, so it is something you want to discuss with your chimney sweep.

Our Brickliners professionals will also check for correctly installed chimney caps, chimney crowns, and flashing. If a chimney cap is incorrectly installed or missing, water, snow, and debris is allowed into the chimney opening. A chimney cap prevents water penetration and extensive damage. Likewise, a chimney crown helps water to run away from the chimney opening. If it’s installed incorrectly it can push water directly onto the flashing, causing it to leak and need to be replaced.

The fireplace and chimney system is made up of many vital parts that work together to work correctly. If one part of your chimney is compromised due to water damage, it affects the safety and efficiency of the whole system.

Don’t wait. Schedule your appointment today with a Brickliners chimney sweep.