Professional Chimney, Fireplace & Masonry Services In Burlington, VT

For 10 years, the expert team at Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services has been traveling all down Route 2, Route 7, VT-127, I-89, and I-189 to provide residents in Burlington with everything they need to keep their chimneys and fireplaces looking great and working properly. Whether we’re installing a chase cover, applying a chimney water repellent, or building a chimney from the ground up, you can expect expert results and courteous, customer-focused service. Schedule your appointment with one of our hearth professionals!

Common Services Offered

Some of the most common services we offer are: Chimney SweepingChimney InspectionsLeaky Chimney Troubleshooting & RepairsChimney Repairs (CrownDamper, & Smoke Chamber RepairChimney Cap & Chase Cover Installation); Chimney Relining & ResurfacingChimney Construction; and Re-Pointing. All of our services are performed by highly skilled and experienced professionals with extensive industry training — you can be confident when our team is in your home.

We Care About Your Safety & Comfort

Our passion for reducing fire risk and helping our neighbors enjoy a better home environment keeps us going year after year. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet all of the chimney and hearth needs of residents throughout Burlington and beyond, so that our customers can enjoy their homes and their hearths without worry. Whether we’re performing preventive maintenance and annual inspections or working to restore a damaged chimney, we put our best into every service we provide. We also offer our neighbors top-notch, mess-free dryer vent cleaning, inspection, installation, and repair services. Again, the reason we do this is to help reduce fire and carbon monoxide risk and to keep our customers as comfortable and as safe as possible when in their homes. Learn more about the importance of proper dryer vent care here.

Let Brickliners Take Care Of You!

Life in Burlington is beautiful and we’re here to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! Our certified and experienced technicians provide the quality services you need to enjoy your hearth and home year after year. Call us at (802) 872-0123 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

We’re happy to include South Burlington as part of our expanding service area and look forward to assisting all our customers there.