Flashing & Sealant

The Facts About Chimney Flashing

Why Is Flashing So Important?

Most chimney flashing is made of lead or sheet metal and is specifically fitted to the angle and style of your chimney. It covers the area where the roof and chimney are connected, and prevents water from seeping into the seams and into your home. Without this key feature, you will quickly have a nasty leak that can cause extensive damage to your home and harbor dangerous mold. Quality flashing should be applied in two layers and should be worked into the shingles of the roof and the mortar of the chimney.

Because your chimney sticks out of the top of your roof, it is blasted with all the rain, wind, and snow that Vermont sees throughout the year. The area that the flashing protects is a prime place for snow to gather and is often one of the last places on the roof where snow will melt (as the chimney will inevitable shield some of that area from sunlight). If it were not for the flashing, this moisture would head straight into your home and cause a whole host of problems.

Why Is My Flashing Leaking?

There are many reasons that your flashing could be the source of a chimney leak. As stated above, this area is very vulnerable to water, so any imperfections are a problem. Here are just some of the issues with flashing that we’ve seen lead to a chimney leak:

  • The flashing wasn’t installed correctly in the first place
  • Improper materials were used
  • The metal has rusted or become damaged
  • An animal has damaged the flashing
  • The house has settled & created a gap
  • Damage to the roof has undermined the flashing’s performance
  • The flashing is simply old and needs to be replaced

No matter the reason, it is imperative that your flashing be repaired if it is not in working order. All of our technicians are experienced in these issues and have gone through the training necessary to diagnose and repair the problems that can arise from faulty flashing. We may be able to simply apply an elastomeric flashing sealant, which can eliminate flashing leaks and protect the chimney from water damage. This type of sealant is great for skylights as well, and comes with a 7-year warranty.

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Waterproofing your chimney is one of the best ways to prevent moisture problems or leaks in your chimney. Ask us for more information.