Waterproofing & Water Repellent

Brickliners Waterproofs Chimneys Throughout Vermont

Can’t I Apply A Sealant Myself?

Absolutely not! Chimney waterproofing sealant is very different from the sealant you use to seal a driveway. Most readily available sealant is designed to be a complete moisture barrier and forms a film on the surface of the brick and mortar. These chemicals not only prevent water from entering but also prevent it from escaping. This is counter-productive when dealing with a chimney, as trapped moisture can cause a lot of damage — especially in the winter when that moisture freezes and expands and then thaws and contracts again, leaving cracks in the masonry that will accumulate more water.

What Other Steps Can I Take To Prevent Water Damage?

There are many things that can be done to keep water damage from destroying your chimney. While waterproofing is a very important one, it doesn’t complete the job alone. Here are some other things you should do:

Install a Chimney Cap – A chimney cap keeps water from gaining entry to your chimney through the opening at the top, while still allowing the smoke and dangerous gases to be released. Learn more here.

Make Sure You Have a Chimney Crown – A proper chimney crown will direct water flow away from the masonry and flashing of your chimney system and safely onto the roof. If your crown is cracked, crumbling, or poorly designed, you’ll have a water problem in no time. Read more about our crown repair work here.

Make Sure Your Flashing Is Intact – One of the weakest points in your water damage defense system is the area where your chimney meets your roof. This area is especially susceptible to water leaks and thus requires special attention. Properly maintained metal chimney flashing goes a long way in keeping water out of this weak zone – is your flashing in good shape? Click here to learn more about flashing, flashing sealant, and how we can help!

Stay Vigilant! – Be on the lookout for signs of water damage! When caught early enough, water problems can be resolved with minimal expense. Left unaddressed, a leak can wreak havoc and cause major damage. Prevention is the key!

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Properly installed flashing may be the best solution to your chimney leaks. Let us inspect your chimney to help you figure it out.