Adorn Your Chimney With A Crown!

A chimney crown is crucial to keeping water out of your chimney and your home. The crown is the concrete slab at the top of your masonry chimney, just beneath the chimney cap. Its function is to direct water away from the chimney and away from the area where the chimney meets the roof. These areas are especially susceptible to water intrusion and leaking. While it may seem an insignificant part of the system, the crown is extremely important. A proper chimney crown can help prevent costly water damage and premature chimney deterioration.

Unfortunately, many crowns are built improperly, or are cracked and crumbling after years of abuse and house settling. When this happens, crown repair or replacement is absolutely crucial!

What If My Crown Is Damaged?

If your crown is damaged or was not constructed properly, you will likely start to see the telltale signs of water damage — and it’s not a pretty sight. You may notice some or all of the following:

  • Crumbling mortar
  • Rotting wood around or near the chimney
  • Spalling or cracked bricks and mortar
  • Collapsed or partially collapsed chimney
  • Firebox deterioration
  • Rusted fireplace and chimney components
  • Stained walls and ceiling
  • Stained masonry
  • Musty, moldy chimney odor
  • Damaged flue liner
technician painting chimney top during crown repair
If you see cracks in your chimney crown, they need to be repaired. In many cases, we are able to brush on a repair product called CrownCoat, which allows us to fill cracks and gaps quickly and affordably. CrownCoat is great at preventing cracks from growing, and can weatherproof and waterproof your crown to prevent leaks.

What If My Crown Is Beyond Repair?

If your crown has suffered extensive damage, we offer two replacement options:

  • Formed/Poured Chimney Crown – A poured or formed chimney crown is made using a wooden or metal form, which is placed at the top of the chimney. With this type of crown, we’re able to provide a thick, durable, and strong chimney crown that extends past the chimney and directs water away from the base. Because of their strength, durability, and effectiveness, these crowns are more expensive, but they come with a 10-year warranty! We’ll also apply a free crown sealer for added protection when we remove the crown form.
  • Crown Wash/Splay – Crown washes or splays are thinner than their poured counterparts and end where the brick of the chimney starts. These are angled to direct water downward, but they offer less water protection and tend to crack sooner. All of our crown washes come with a 5-year warranty.
Repaired chimney crown and newly installed stainless steel chimney cap
newly poured chimney crown wash

Call Brickliners – We’ll Make Sure Your Crown Is In Great Shape!

If you are seeing any of the signs of water damage or haven’t had your chimney inspected and swept this year, give us a call at 802-872-0123 today. We can take a look at your chimney system and let you know if it’s in need of crown repair or replacement! Click here to request an appointment online!


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