Our Customers Love Us!

We have such wonderful customers, and it feels great when they express their appreciation for the hard work we do for them. We thought you might like to read just a few of the amazing things they have told us over the years.

I must tell you that I was blown away with the services that Brickliners provided us. Both technicians were very friendly, helpful, good attitudes and to top it off, knowledgeable (I have dealt with a lot of contractors here and your team is light years ahead in regards to customer service). These two guys are a very good representation of your establishment and they both deserve recognition for their efforts, willingness to go above and beyond, and being flexible to our schedules. Because I believe their demeanor can be attributed to what you are doing with your company, I will use nobody but you for all of my chimney/masonry needs moving forward.
Chief Engineer

Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, Vermont

The two gentlemen that came out were really awesome and extremely professional. In addition they were helpful and answered, in detail, every question that I had. Their inspection was thorough and clean. They gave me feedback on how to improve my stoves efficiency. They looked at my wood supply and gave me advice on wood. They explained creosote to me: how it formed and when to address it, how to avoid it etc. They helped me with constructing ideas for a heat shield on my walls to avoid heat loss through wall absorption. They wore booties to protect my floor and were careful with everything in my home. They fixed a small screw hole in my through wall to make the stovepipe attach more securely.
Mostly they were both unbelievably helpful in answering every question I asked them. They were very patient and polite. I was impressed by their knowledge of everything involving combustion, wood sources, flue exhausts etc.
I hope this email will suffice for a feedback method. Please pass on my feedback to both gentlemen. I really appreciated their thoroughness and expertise on everything! And office staff (including Kim) were incredibly helpful as well! Probably one of the most professional business’ I’ve worked with in this area.
Thanks again for all of your help!
B. Burrell

Burlington, Vermont

Overall, we are DELIGHTED with their performance. They were punctual, courteous and knowledgeable. After burning wood for 40 years, I felt I was quite well informed, but they knew more. I politely suggested they didn’t really need to spend any time on our stove, but Mike proceeded to clean it thoroughly (after I thought that I had done so), and we can’t believe the difference! The stove burns cleaner and warmer, there is no more smoke, and the glass stays clean! The changes were very gradual over many years, so we didn’t realize how much we needed help! Brad was very well versed in the intricacies of wood-burling, and passed on several helpful hints. Don’t hesitate to use us as a reference. We’ve already recommended you (through South Burlington’s Front Porch Forum).
Thanks for a great job!
M. Scollins

Burlington, Vermont

Loved the “booties”, thanks for playing with my puppy, thanks for including the stamp on this postcard, and thanks for just being so friendly & easy to understand!
V. Wadek

Shelburne, Vermont

As I sit in my house here in Jericho on this very rainy morning, I notice that all the sounds of rain coming down is coming from outside. Inside everything is snug and dry.
I want to thank you all for an efficient and most effective repair and the most professional yet friendly manner in which it was completed.
O. Herbert

Jericho, Vermont

This was the first time I didn’t feel I could do the work myself. Vermont needs more like you! Most places have been a nightmare. Cleanest workers I have seen.

Underhill, Vermont

Brickliners Corp. is a first rate organization. The entire process went very smoothly, from when Jake came out to inspect my chimney and to give me an estimate, all the way through to when they were driving away at the completion of the work.
They were at my home when they said they were going to be, and from the moment they arrived they were very professional and efficient. As Jake was greeting me his men were already getting the ladders off the truck and setting them up. They then scrambled up the ladders and went to work removing the failed liner from my chimney in preparation for installing the new liner. They carefully removed the old liner and had the new one installed, insulated, capped and hooked up to my furnace in just four hours from the time that they arrived!! It was a great pleasure for me to deal with people who took pride in their work and did everything that they said they would. I would without reservation recommend Brickliners Corp.
Douglas Williams

East Fairfield, Vermont

It was my first time using this service and I cannot think of anything that was lacking! Great service from the first phone contact to the completion of the job!
E. Halden

Colchester, Vermont

Good Morning, Jake. I’m writing to say thank you. The installation of the liner has exceeded my expectations, and we are very happy we decided to have you do this work. As you know, your employees are terrific. I will be available to you at any time if you have a prospective customer who needs assurance that doing business with Brickliners is the right thing to do.

Essex, Vermont

Just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with your services. The guys were right on time and very respectful of my home (and Kitties). They did an outstanding job – going above and beyond my expectations. The thoroughness with which my stove and pipes were cleaned gives me such peace of mind.
Thanks so much.
Jessie Cassidy

Burlington, Vermont

I recently purchased the house I grew up in located in South Burlington. My parents had sold it four years earlier. The owners I bought it from had removed the woodstove. As I result, I needed to find someone to do the following:

  • Inspect the woodstove to determine if it was still in good condition for burning
  • Inspect the chimney and clean it if necessary.
  • Re-install the wood stove.

I called the Chimney Sweep© to ask if they installed used woodstoves and they gave me the names of three companies I could call. Brickliners was one of the companies and the most pleasant on my initial inquiry call. I scheduled an appointment and their employee, Andy, was prompt and polite and very helpful. He inspected the woodstove, advised me on work I could do to bring it up to snuff, inspected the chimney which I then learned would need to be lined with stainless steel to bring it up to code, and inspected the fireplace surround/hearth for any areas of concern. He did a thorough inspection and let me know both estimated costs to do the work and the reasons why it would need to be done.
Brickliners then worked with me on scheduling for a time that was convenient and would not negatively impact other renovation work I was doing. When they came back to do the work, the team was again, prompt and polite and respectful. They did quality work (my father was quite impressed when he saw the final installation and the repair work at the chimney cap) and despite the fact that my house is right now a construction zone and has debris everywhere and I told Andy there was no need to vacuum up the bits of debris left from their work, he insisted on doing so.
I guess the short answer is:
I am very satisfied with their work. I found the team knowledgeable and thorough and attentive to their work quality. They arrived when they said they would, and despite the construction zone atmosphere, they still cleaned up after themselves. I am not related to anyone employed by Brickliners, nor had I ever met any of these individuals before they worked on my home.
I can recommend them without reservation.

Danielle Fisette

South Burlington, Vermont

Simply a quick message to let you now we are thoroughly satisfied with the work that was done here on Monday. Brickliners and company were efficient, thorough, and courteous. Your organization, through them, did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, at the cost you quoted. I was impressed by their responsible work ethic since it was quickly apparent the chimney removal required considerable hard, continuous effort. If you maintain a client list of references please don’t hesitate to put us on it if you wish.
Richard Crocker

Burlington, Vermont

Thank you again for fixing the chimney. The gentleman who came out was courteous, professional, and explained everything that he did to our chimney.
Jess Little

Burlington, Vermont

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