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In the last decade, Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney Services has become the go-to company for all things chimney or fireplace related. Whether you need annual chimney inspection, creosote removal and chimney cleaning, masonry repairs, or fireplace troubleshooting, the certified professionals at Brickliners can help.

We place a huge priority on education and certification, so you can be confident that the technician showing up to your home is knowledgeable and equipped to handle any problem you might be having.


Our Customers Love Us!

We’ll Leave Your Home As Clean As When We Arrived

We know that when most people hear the word “chimney sweep,” their mind conjures up images of a person with a top hat and a brush covered in soot from head to toe. While it does tend to be a dirty job, modern technology and techniques have advanced to a point where none of that mess need be transferred into your home.
When we arrive at your home, we will be wearing clean clothes and “booties” to ensure that no soot, dirt, or debris is tracked into your home. We also use a state-of-the-art HEPA-filtered vacuum system with three motors to collect any soot or debris that may come down the chimney into the firebox during the course of the cleaning or repair work. The bottom line is: we intend to leave your home as clean as, if not cleaner than, it was at the time of our appointment.

The Ones To Trust When Safety Is A Must

We know that safety is your number one concern when it comes to your home and family – and it’s ours, too! We are fully insured and certified, so you can trust the work we do. We know how dangerous a dirty or damaged chimney can be and we make sure that you’re left with a system that is clean and safe for use. If not, we’ll tell you so!