New Stove Or Insert? Get Professional Fireplace Installation Service From Brickliners!

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Here at Brickliners, we know that for the safety and comfort or our customers, it’s imperative that the work on a fireplace insert or stove be done right from the start. And that means right from the installation.

Because these factory-built units were designed and tested under very specific use requirements, a stove or insert installation is not a DIY job. If those requirements are not met when the appliance is installed in your home, your new stove or insert will not function as efficiently or as safely as you need and expect it to.

So leave installation to the CSIA certified and experienced team here at Brickliners. There are many factors to consider, including proper venting and clearance from combustibles, and a CSIA certified chimney technician will be knowledgeable and well versed in all considerations and factors. Because of our knowledge, experience, and extensive training, we can guarantee everything will be done to code and manufacturer’s specifications.

So whether you’re considering upgrading or adding a new wood, gas, or pellet stove or insert to your home, trust the installation to the team at Brickliners.

We Carry Regency, Norsk Kleber, & Osburn Products!

Osburn 900 Woodstove

osburn 900 woodstove against white tile living room

Norsk Kleber Otta

Norsk Kleber Otta stove set in a stone surround column

Regency HRI6E Gas Insert

Regency HRI6E Gas Insert with a white wall and black tile hearth

Osburn 2200 Woodstove

osburn 2200 woodstove against green wall and tile floor

Norsk Kleber Merethe

Norsk Kleber Merethe Insert in a stone column next to bar top

Regency U31 Gas Insert

Regency U31 Gas Insert with brick surround and white mantel

Osburn Soho Woodstove

osburn soho woodstove against stone accent wall and wood floors

Norsk Kleber Marcello

Norsk Kleber Marcello Modern Stove aginst pink wall

Regency LRI3E Gas Insert

Regency LRI3E Gas Fireplace Insert with white brick surround and grey mantel

Not Sure Which Fuel Type Is Best For Your Lifestyle & Home? Here Are The Pros & Cons Of Each

As you shop for your next insert or stove, you likely have some questions. You may be wondering “What’s the best fuel type?” Well, there is no “best” fuel type when it comes to inserts and stoves, but there is likely a “best” for your home and lifestyle. We want to help you determine which is right for you, which is why we’ve gone over some pros, cons, and considerations of each below.

  • Wood — Wood is a popular fuel choice for hearth appliances because you get the look of real wood logs burning under beautiful, authentic flames. Plus, wood is always readily available and affordable, and can be stored for use later in the year. If you like the fire building and stoking experience, wood is a great option, but you do need to consider time and lifestyle. It takes time to build a fire and get it going, and you have to wait for it to die down in the evenings before heading up to bed. So if you’re always on the go, you might not be able to enjoy a woodburning insert or stove as much as you would another, more convenient, option.
  • Gas — Gas is a popular fuel choice because you don’t have to worry about stacking or storing fuel, it’s always there with the touch of a button. Plus, gas is the cleanest burning fuel (with the lowest emissions), and you can turn the fire on and off, no waiting or work involved. If you’re always on the go and don’t have the time or desire to build and stoke a fire, a gas insert or stove is a great option for you. Modern gas logs are carefully crafted and look incredibly realistic, and with modern flame technology, the flames are much more natural and authentic looking as well. But if you want the traditional fireside experience of building and tending to the fire, gas won’t give you that satisfaction.
  • Pellet — Pellets are popular because they’re made of compacted wood waste, produce few emissions, and are environmentally friendly. Because they’re made of wood, they produce a lot of heat and the real wood fire flames many homeowners love. Another reason homeowners love pellets is that they come in bags of varying sizes, making pellet fuel sometimes much easier to store than wood. And with the easy start ignition and automatic hoppers on many pellet inserts and stoves, starting and tending to the fire is also typically only slightly less convenient than it would be with a gas appliance.

What’s The Difference Between A Stove & An Insert?

Not sure if a stove or insert is what you’re looking for? The biggest difference between a stove and a fireplace insert is placement. Stoves are freestanding and don’t require a working chimney to vent. Instead, they can be vented through stovepipe in the wall or ceiling. Fireplace inserts, on the other hand, are meant to be installed inside of an existing masonry fireplace, and vented through the attached chimney.

So when considering which option might be best for your home, think about where you’d like your new appliance. Are you wanting to transform your old, drafty fireplace? Then a fireplace insert is your best option. Are you wanting to add supplemental heat and style to a room in your home that doesn’t have a fireplace? Consider a stove.

Have Questions? We’re Here To Help

If you have any questions regarding sizing, fuel type, specific models, or anything else, give us a call at 802-872-0123. We strive to meet every chimney, fireplace, and masonry need of our customers throughout Vermont, and we’re happy to help. From finding just the right stove or insert for your home to making sure it’s installed correctly and properly maintained, Brickliners is here for you.

Professional installation and maintenance of your system is important for preventing several issues including leaks in the chimney. We offer a variety of services all designed to keep your chimney and fireplace system operating efficiently and as safely as possible.