If Your Chimney Liner Is Damaged, Consider HeatShield®!

One of the most important parts of your chimney system is the chimney liner. A proper chimney liner protects your masonry chimney from the heat of a fire and the byproducts of combustion that can wreak havoc on the interior of your chimney. It also prevents heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide transfer.

The standard chimney liner has traditionally been made of clay or ceramic tiles, and there’s a good chance that your liner is made of these materials. While these liners are affordable and readily available, they have some decided disadvantages: The constant heating and cooling will cause tiles to fracture and break over time, leaving exposed areas of masonry. When unprotected masonry is exposed to the byproducts of a wood-burning fire, it can develop many problems that can render your fireplace unusable and cost you thousands in repairs. Additionally, cracks in the flue liner allow heat and dangerous byproducts to access other areas of your home.

When a chimney inspection reveals a damaged clay or tile chimney liner, HeatShield® may be an option for restoration and repair. HeatShield® is a cerfractory sealant that can restore and strengthen a damaged clay tile liner so that a complete relining can be avoided.

flue issue graphic - top image is of gaps between flues tiles - middle image is of cracked flue tiles - bottom image is of flaking flue tiles (spalling) - © CeCURE Chimney Systems LLC

Why Choose HeatShield®?

There are many advantages to using HeatShield®, including:

Cost Effective – With HeatShield®, we can go in and repair your liner without the cost and process of a complete relining. HeatShield® can restore many liners that would otherwise need to be completely replaced. This cuts back on the expense and leaves you with a chimney liner you are confident will stand the test of time.

20-Year Limited Warranty – When you have a HeatShield® system installed in your chimney, you can be sure that your liner will last at least the next 20 years. HeatShield® is so confident in this product that they offer a 20-year limited warranty with the installation of your system. Of course, the warranty is only honored if the system is installed by a trained and certified HeatShield® Installer.

Environmentally Friendly – HeatShield® is made from recycled and naturally occurring materials so it has minimal impact on the environment. Now, that’s good news!

HeatShield Logo - Cerfractory Flue Sealant

The Two HeatShield® Methods We Use: 

We offer two methods of HeatShield® installation. The method used will depend on the needs and condition of your chimney liner, but our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will be able to tell you exactly which method you need.

HeatShield® Joint Repair – The HeatShield® Joint Repair System is for clay-lined chimney liners that have damaged mortar joints. During application, we use an applicator to fill the gaps in the mortar joints and then smooth it out. The result: smooth mortar joints and restored protection and function in a jiffy.

HeatShield® Resurfacing System – If your chimney liner has more extensive damage and needs to be resurfaced, the HeatShield® Resurfacing System works wonders. We remove all the dust and dirt from your liner, apply a primer, and apply a quarter-inch of HeatShield® from top to bottom.

We’re Here To Help!

If your clay tile chimney liner is in disrepair, let Brickliners help get your chimney system back on track. Call us today at 802-872-0123 to find out if HeatShield® can help you!


There are other options when it comes to relining your chimney, so be sure to ask our chimney and fireplace service experts.