Really? Dryer Vent Cleaning? Who Knew?

Our clothes dryer serves the purpose of drying our laundry, day after day, it works hard for us. Many of us don’t even think about where all that lint goes. We figure we clean out the lint trap and that’s enough. But it’s not! You may notice that your dryer is taking longer to dry your clothes, maybe you are noticing that your laundry room has a lot of moisture build-up or even a musty smell, these are signs that your dryer vent may be clogged. Lint builds up on the inside of the vent that exits your home which prevents the dryer from exhausting properly this can cause your dryer to catch on fire. You can prevent dryer fires by having your dryer vent inspected and cleaned every couple of years.

Brickliners would like to congratulate Justin Turner, Brad Coulman, & Richard Krayewsky for recently passing the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s rigorous exam to become a CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician. To pass they were required to score 80% or higher! Good Job guys we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

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