5 Reasons Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Chimney caps are vital to the successful performance of your chimney; however, many homeowners tend to overlook this critical component. Although chimney caps are one of the least expensive components on a chimney, many homeowners neglect having them installed and properly maintained. There are 5 reasons why you need a chimney cap.

5 Reasons Your Chimney Needs a Cap Image - Burlington VT - Brickliners Custom Masonry & ChimneyKeeps Animals Out

Chimney caps with mesh lining play an important role in keeping animals from nesting inside of your chimney. Many times in the winter months, animals will build their homes in the comfortable, warm space of the chimney flue. This not only creates problems due to odor and excess debris, but can also cause major problems in how the chimney vents. Nests built by animals can block the flow of gases out of the chimney and can actually cause smoke to blow back into your home. This backup can cause smoke and soot damage and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Blocks Moisture

Keeping moisture at bay is critical to the structural integrity of your chimney. The freezing and melting of snow and ice can be especially damaging to your masonry walls, chimney crown, and chimney liner. This can cause cracks in the chimney structure during the winter months that lead to costly repairs. Rain can also cause damage to chimney flues with stainless steel liners, chimney dampers, and chimney mortar joints. Moisture will can also cause a buildup of mold and mildew, which could lead to health problems.

Prevents Downdrafts

There is a misconception among many homeowners that chimney caps can cause downdrafts to occur. This is incorrect. A chimney cap installed by a Certified chimney sweep will prevent downdrafts from blowing smoke back into your home. If you have a improperly installed chimney cap you may be experiencing a downdraft. This is why it is suggested to never try installing a chimney cap on your own. Also, the chimney caps used by professionals tend to be made out of better materials than the consumer versions found at big name retailers.

Stops Sparks

Sparks and embers from a fireplace are sent up the chimney along with gases. If these sparks escape out of the top and land on your roof or nearby trees, a house fire could easily be started. This danger can be completely avoided with the installation of a chimney cap and spark guard.

Controls Debris

Along with animals, debris such as leaves, twigs, and branches seem to have a way of finding their way into chimneys. This debris is destructive to your chimney and can cause issues in ventilation. A properly installed chimney cap will keep your chimney free of debris.

Having a Certified chimney professional install a chimney cap will save you a lot of money and headaches down the road. If you don’t currently have a chimney cap or are having problems with downdraft give us a call today!

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