The Ins and Outs of Smoke Chamber Restoration

It may seem like your heating system is simple from the outside when all you see is a furnace and a chimney. The truth is that the chimney and furnace system is made up of many parts that work together. One of the most important parts is the smoke chamber, which guides smoke and gases up the chimney flue and out of the house.

Details on Smoke Chamber Restoration Image - Burlington VT - Brickliners Custom Masonry & Chimney ServicesProblems With the Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber has a very specific function that keeps hazardous gases moving up and out of the chimney. Over the years the function of the smoke chamber has been scrutinized, and today the National Fire Protection Association recommends certain specifications to ensure the chimney’s proper function:

  1. A smoke chamber should not be taller than the fireplace opening width
  2. A smoke chamber should not be deeper than the fireplace opening
  3. Smoke chamber walls should not incline more than 45 degrees from vertical
  4. The walls of the smoke chamber should be smooth to help reduce turbulence that can upset air flow
  5. The flue should start directly at the top of the smoke chamber and should be free of radical offsets or bends

Most home and business owners can’t check the smoke chamber for these specifications, or for damage. Unfortunately, if these chimneys aren’t inspected, the problem may go unnoticed until the fireplace works poorly or not at all.

What We Can Do

At Brickliners we are experienced in chimney sweeping, inspections, and repair. Our certified chimney sweeps are familiar with the NFPA smoke chamber recommendations and take them seriously, because the safety of your home or business is our top priority.

The most common problem with smoke chambers is cracked or rough walls that inhibit the flow of smoke and gases. Our technicians are skilled at parging, which is the process of applying a specialized refractory mortar to the walls of the smoke chamber giving it a smooth surface and filling any cracks that exist. Parging also insulates the smoke chamber, keeping the bricks cooler as smoke rises up into the chimney.

Why Not Wait

If you have a question or concern about your chimney or fireplace, call us today! Your smoke chamber affects your fireplace function more than you know, and our experts at Brickliners are just a phone call away. Our method of parging is so safe it’s widely accepted by city codes, and insurance companies. Most city codes and insurance companies also require annual chimney inspections, by which our technicians can tell you if the smoke chamber needs any repairs.

You don’t want to wait to repair the smoke chamber when it’s so quick to repair. Brickliners can get the job finished promptly, at a competitive price, and guarantee the chimney function improves with the repair.

You really have nothing to lose as a home or business owner. Call us today, and let Brickliners work for you.

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