Chimney Caps and Why You Need One

If your home or business has a chimney, it is vital that it has all properly installed and working parts. One part of the chimney system that is often overlooked is the chimney cap. Older generations may not find it important, but the chimney cap should not be forgotten.

This metal fixture that is affixed to the top of the chimney is vital for preventing costly damage later. Not only do chimney caps prevent substantial water damage, but they are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

The chimney cap covers the opening of the chimney, while allowing smoke and vapors to escape through the sides. This design is essential for chimney efficiency and safety. It should be inspected regularly by a professional chimney sweep for proper function.

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Important Functions of a Chimney Cap

  • Keep Weather Out: The chimney cap prevents moisture from rain and snow from entering the chimney and causing damage. Water in the chimney can cause serious and expensive damage to not only the chimney system, but the interior of the home. Installing a properly sized and installed chimney cap is the most cost-effective preventative measure for your chimney system. Water damage is a costly headache, and 100% avoidable with a chimney cap and other waterproofing measures.
  • Keep Wildlife Out: When a chimney cap is damaged or missing, the chimney opening is exposed to wildlife. Animals like squirrels and birds are drawn to the warmth and protection of the chimney and climb into it to nest. This is dangerous to the animal and the homeowner, and in the case of chimney swifts, can be a real headache. They are on the protected species list, and once they are inside the chimney it’s illegal to move them. The chimney can’t be used until the birds leave the chimney. Other animals often die when nesting in chimneys, causing a blockage and fire hazard.
  • Keep Sparks In: When a fire is burning hot in your appliance or fireplace, sparks rise up the flue along with the smoke and other vapors. These sparks can leave the chimney opening and ignite flammable debris that accumulates on the roof. They can even ignite nearby grass, causing extra costs if other properties are damaged.A chimney cap is essential to keeping the weather and wildlife OUTSIDE, and keeping the fire INSIDE the chimney system. If you suspect your chimney cap is damaged or missing, call a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) today.

Calling in a Professional

Brickliners is experienced in chimney cap replacement, installation, and repair. In business since 2005, our chimney sweeps are certified, insured, and professional. Your home’s safety is your priority, and ours. We will offer professional services and expert advice to get your chimney back in working order and chimney cap correctly installed.

If you own property in Northern Vermont and are ready to have your chimney cap inspected, repaired, or installed, call us today at 802-872-0123 or schedule an appointment online.

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