Now Is The Time To Schedule Annual Chimney Sweeping

Children are returning to schools, wood is being stacked for winter, and homes are being weatherized. When the air gets crisp, it is a great time to think about scheduling your annual chimney sweep. Having your chimney cleaned before burn season decreases risk of fire, health complications, and general inefficiency in the chimney system.

Schedule Annual Chimney Sweeping Image - Burlington VT - BricklinersImportance of Preventative Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance like chimney sweeps and chimney inspections are recommended ever year. This is in order for your chimney system to work safely and efficiently. A clean chimney is less likely to malfunction. It will work better, burn cleaner, and collect less soot and creosote during the course of a winter. Having your chimney swept is also inviting a chimney expert to see your chimney – perhaps for the first time in a long time! When you schedule a sweep or inspection, you allow a professional to: assess your system, notice weaknesses, and report findings directly to you with recommendations.

Your Chimney Sweep: What to Expect

When you schedule a routine chimney sweep, you can do so in advance. WHen you do this, a technician will call to remind you before your appointment date. At Brickliners, we strive to not only be the best chimney experts, but also offer professional service that is unrivaled. We will come into your home and leave it in exactly the shape it was when we arrived!

Before your appointment, you’ll be asked to discontinue use of your fireplace. If you have your chimney swept now, you won’t be left in the cold. Your fireplace is already cold, so you won’t need to do anything differently. You will also be asked to clear away personal belongings and decorations from the area around the hearth. This is so nothing becomes damaged, and there is space for the technician’s tools.

By using plastic, we will protect your floors and the rest of your home from soot and damage. The technician uses specialized tools, brushes, and vacuum systems to clear away soot, creosote, and debris from the chimney system. This process keeps the harmful materials and dust out of your house, and our technicians are protected the entire time as well.

Avoiding the Fall Rush

By scheduling your chimney sweep today, our technician can be in and out. Afterwards, you can rest assured knowing your system is fire-ready this fall! By scheduling now, you avoid the fall rush. This is the time between October and January when chimney sweep companies are busy with emergency calls, installations, and repairs. Since you know you should have your chimney swept annually, you can schedule in advance and be ready when temperatures drop!

When Is It Time for a Sweep?

  • Once per year before burn season
  • Before using a chimney that has sat dormant for 1+ year(s)
  • If you have a drafty/smoky chimney
  • When buying or selling a home with a chimney

Not only are Brickliner sweeps CSIA-certified, but all of our technicians are experienced and equipped for the work. We also offer comprehensive chimney services year-round, so you don’t have to rush to get the job done. You can schedule in advance, or short notice (although from October to January our schedule is often filled early). Ask a Brickliners chimney sweep about cleaning and inspecting your chimney before burn season.

A chimney and fireplace expert is standing by. Call 802-872-0123 today!

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