Prepare Your Chimney For a Cold Winter

Your fall and winter checklist may include decorating with a cornucopia, picking up some Halloween candy, budgeting for a Thanksgiving Day Turkey, and hanging twinkle lights. There is more to holiday planning than trimming the tree, and there’s more to winter than shoveling snow and salting the walk. If you haven’t completed your chimney maintenance this fall, schedule it now, and you will be prepared for winter.

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You still have time to have your chimney inspected for weaknesses, damage, and hazards. A CSIA inspection is recommended annually for the safest and most efficient fireplace and chimney. When you schedule your chimney inspection with a certified professional, an experienced technician will assess your chimney from top to bottom, assuring you that it is safe and functional for burn season.

If your level 1 inspection reveals a concern, you will need a level 2 or even level 3 inspection. If your chimney needs a level 3 inspection, there is a serious hazard present. The chimney sweep may remove components of the chimney or the home itself to reach and repair the problem. This process can take time. However, if you schedule now, you will have the time to have your chimney inspected, and schedule necessary repairs before winter.

Schedule a Chimney Sweep

You can schedule a professional chimney cleaning called a chimney sweep as often as you wish. This routine service keeps the chimney system functioning properly, raising efficiency, and lowering fire risk. When you schedule a chimney sweep, a professional will come into the home and clean away soot, creosote, and ash from the system. They do this with the use of special brushes, tools, and a closed vacuuming system. Your chimney sweep should leave your home undisturbed, but your chimney spotless! Brickliners offers chimney sweeps year-round, and we encourage all of our customers to get these services done before burn season.

Waterproof Your Chimney

Routine maintenance is a great way to prolong the life of your chimney system. Unfortunately, chimneys can fall into disrepair, and eventually become fatally damaged if neglected for a long enough time. One way that you can give your masonry added protection is by having your trusted chimney professionals apply an industrial water repellent. Most winter damage is caused from water penetration, but Brickliners can prevent this damage starting now. Schedule waterproofing services with Brickliners, and a chimney expert will apply a vapor permeable sealant to your masonry that protects it for years.

Keep in mind that your chimney can be ready for winter, but an unprepared homeowner can still put a home at risk. Brush up on fireplace safety, general holiday safety, and make sure you’re burning the proper wood for the best, safest fire.

Give Brickliners a call at 802-872-0123 and ask a chimney expert about winter chimney prep.

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