When you finally own your own home, it should be the home of your dreams. If you have a fireplace or stove to help you with heat, save on utilities, or just for the ambiance of it, you want it to also be a dream. Your best fireplace can only begin with an installation by a certified professional. To stay safe and efficient throughout the winter, it should also be serviced regularly and repaired by a certified professional.

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Brickliners has been the #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care in and around Burlington for over 11 years. We strive to keep our community and neighbors safe by offering only the best service and utmost professionalism. Because of our dedication to chimney safety, our technicians are CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). Before earning their certification, they spend time training in both the classroom and in the field, then complete a 1-hour exam, and a 90-minute open-book exam based on the International Residential Code. By completing this exam, candidates prove they are the best in the industry, and able to abide by safety codes and industry standards with every job.

CSIA Certification

When a chimney sweep gains CSIA certification, they are joining others who have proven they are the best. In an industry that is largely under-regulated, CSIA ups the standard, and that is why the Chimney Safety Institute (CSIA) is the national standard for chimney safety.

  • Accreditation – CSIA meets the highest of education standards. It is regulated by the Indiana State Workforce Innovation Council, Office of Career and Technical Schools.
  • Longevity – CSIA has provided homeowners with valuable resources and professionals with exceptional training since 1983.
  • Non-Profit – Not only is CSIA a non-profit organization, but it is governed by volunteers from across the country.
  • Code of Ethics – Every CSIA certified chimney sweep must adhere to a Code of Ethics designed to protect homeowners from potential scams. If a sweep is found in violation, he or she may have their certification revoked.
  • Focus – CSIA is focused on public safety and industry advancement. Both the organization and certified chimney sweeps make chimney safety a top priority, participate in public and professional education, and have a commitment to eliminating residential fires, carbon monoxide intrusion, and other chimney-related hazards.
  • Continuing Education – After completing the initial examination, CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps must re-certify every three years by way of examination of continued education credits.
  • Networking – Not only is CSIA a network of chimney professionals who sometimes work together in communities to further the mission of CSIA, but it also devotes resources to educating other affiliated trades. By building relationships with home inspectors, realtors, and homeowner associations, CSIA’s mission of chimney safety can trickle down to every aspect of home construction, sales, and ownership.

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When you own a home with a fireplace and chimney, no matter what type of fuel you burn, or what type of appliance you have, it’s vital to keep the chimney safe and functioning properly. You wouldn’t let the neighborhood handyman rebuild the engine on your sport’s car. Don’t let an amateur work on your chimney. Your family’s safety depends on it.

Call Brickliners and find out how we use our CSIA training and certification to keep our neighbors in Burlington safe year after year. Call 802-872-0123 or contact us online.

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