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When it comes to the chimney system, there are many ways to repair, restore, and preserve it so that it lasts. Even chimneys that are constructed perfectly will require some maintenance in order to stay up to code, maximize efficiency, and keep All About HeatShield® - Burlington VT - Brickliners Custom Masonryoperate safely. Industry professionals have been working for years to stay ahead of technologies that can help chimneys work better, longer, and safer. HeatShield® is the most advanced system that fully restores your chimney with a technology 20 years in the making.

Cerfractory® Technology

Heatshield’s Cerfractory technology is a hybrid of ceramic and refractory material that combines the strength of ceramic with the heat resistance of high-temperature refractory cement. Developed in Europe over 20 years ago, this technology excels in testing. It is used by qualified professionals to clean chimneys, reline chimneys, and repair smoke chambers. It comes in a powder form, mixed by a professional, and applied as needed to get the job done without waste.

Creosote Removal

Creosote, when advanced to level 3 “glazed” creosote, can be more difficult to remove. Glazed creosote is highly flammable and can lead to a devastating flue fire if it isn’t removed. HeatShield’s Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) completely removes glazed creosote from the flue tiles, smoke chamber walls, and fireplaces. HeatShield removes creosote without damaging the flue liner. It is applied with a specially designed sprayer, the SaverSystem’s Smoke Chamber Sprayer, where it dissolves creosote and is removed with a regular chimney sweep.

Chimney Repair

A chimney professional can repair liners and joints with cerfractory technology. A foam applicator is custom made to fit the chimney, and positioned as needed in the chimney. This tool is pulled up through the chimney to apply the sealant mixture as needed. For joints, the applicator is pulled from just below the gap or void needing to be filled. For resurfacing, the applicator is pulled from the bottom of the chimney. For relining, a CeCure® Sleeve is installed into the chimney between layers of HeatShield. The CeCure Sleeve is a thin profile, ceramic insulation, reinforced with stainless steel fabric. This relining system, when completed by a professional, is as safe to use as a stainless-steel chimney liner, for all fuel types, and even comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Smoke Chamber Repair

HeatShield products can restore your fireplace smoke chamber to safe use. Using HeatShield Chamber Coat or Cerfractory Foam to repair the smoke chamber can seal gaps, streamline airflow, raise efficiency, protect from smoke and heat transfer through the masonry, and more. Ask a professional about repairing your smoke chamber with heatshield during your next chimney appointment.

When your chimney is repaired using a HeatShield repair system, you can rest assured that it is safe. It’s safe for your home, and for the environment. Your HeatShield Installer will confirm repairs with a video scan.

Call Brickliners at 802-872-0123 to discuss HeatShield today. We are experienced and certified to install HeatShield products, and it’s our goal to offer these services to keep homeowners in Northwestern Vermont safe and warm.

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