Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Gas appliances are among the most sought after and desirable appliances in not only the New England area, but the nation as a whole. Prospective homebuyers prefer them to wood products because of their safety, convenience, and efficiency. However, as with wood fireplaces and chimneys, neglecting regular maintenance leads to costly repairs. Let us tell you more about maintaining your gas fireplace!

Get to Know Your System

Gas Fireplace Maintenance - Burlington VT - BricklinersFirst, have your new gas fireplace professionally installed by a certified technician. Once it’s installed, ask your fireplace expert to demonstrate proper lighting technique. You should also ensure you have a copy of the owner’s manual available in either paper or digital form. Do not light your fire until you have read said manual and have a thorough understanding of how the system works. For the safety of you, your home, and your loved ones, understand how to properly operate your fireplace system.

Routine Cleaning

Gas fireplaces require less service appointments than their wood counterparts due to their efficient burning methods. However, you should still clean your fireplace yourself in between service appointments and after usage. if the owner’s manual includes instructions, simply follow those for step-by-step guidance. If they do not, general cleaning methods include dusting the fireplace, clearing items away from the base or opening, and sweeping beneath the log set regularly. You can also dust the ceramic logs with a clean, cotton rag. This will keep the burners from clogging with dust while cleaning away ignitable debris. You should also regularly clean the glass doors and check that hinges are in good shape. Finally, check the gas connection periodically to ensure it is secure.

Professional Maintenance

Different types of appliances require different periodic maintenance appointments. Check with your owner’s manual, warranty agreement, or installing technicians to find out the frequency of necessary maintenance. These appointments keep your system operating efficiently and safely. A neglected gas fireplace can result in damp patches on walls, peeling and ruined wallpaper, blistered paint, stains on ceiling near the chimney, and even crumbling masonry.

Continue to get the most out of your gas fireplace by having it regularly maintained! For expert service, call Brickliners today at 802-872-0123 or contact us online!

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