Chimney Repair Season

The frigid winter weather is in the rearview mirror with spring and warmer temperature fast approaching. With spring comes baseball, cleaning, flowers blooming, and…chimney maintenance? Spring is the ideal time for a chimney cleaning and inspection after heavy usage during the colder months. These cleanings, sweepings, and maintenance prevent damage and costly repairs. Let us tell you about chimney repair season!

Diagnosing Chimney Damage

Chimney Repair Season - Burlington VT - Bricklinersdiagnostic inspection is necessary after your chimney system was used heavily over the winter. Most homeowners don’t notice problems until they have already caused major damage, primarily because the majority of the system is hidden from sight. As soon as the birds start chirping and the leaves reappear, schedule a chimney inspection. If there was no structural change to the system, a level one inspection suffices. These can be completed by our certified technicians in one appointment.  The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend inspections annually for a safe and efficient chimney system. Schedule an appointment for this spring so your system is ready for usage at a moment’s notice!

Common Spring Chimney Repairs

After the brutal Vermont winters, there is often water damage from the elements. Water damage is particularly damaging in climates with consistently freezing temperatures. Water from precipitation gets into the cracks in the masonry and freezes. During freezing, it expands and rips apart the masonry. As the temperatures warm, water melts and moves further into the masonry. Often referred to as the freeze/thaw cycle, it is particularly damaging if left unrepaired. It causes spalling, staining, liner damage, and more. This damage must be fixed immediately to prevent costly repairs.

Don’t Break the Bank

Scheduling a chimney inspection now ensures it is ready for the upcoming burn season. In addition to inspections and maintenance, we also offer installations. Our certified technicians can install new products such as inserts and stoves as well. We can also repair all parts of the chimney, such as crowns, dampers, smoke chambers, caps, and chase covers. In addition, we can reline your chimney to help keep water out. We offer all these services and more at affordable costs! Find out how we can help you today! Call Brickliners Custom Maosnry & Chimney Services at 802-872-0123 or request an appointment online!

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