Does Your Firebox Need a Rebuild?

Your chimney is made up of many important parts that serve a variety of purposes. Essentially, your chimney keeps your family safe while you use a fire to keep warm. Your chimney system includes the fireplace, smoke chamber, flue, and more. The entire system, particularly the firebox, endures abuse throughout burn season. Unbeknownst to the homeowner, the firebox may need a rebuild. Let us inform you about firebox problems and potential solutions!

Signs of a Firebox Problem

Does Your Firebox Need a Rebuild - Burlington VT - BricklinersStaining – Stains in the firebox indicate a problem such as leaks or other structural weaknesses. If the walls adjacent or above your fireplace become discolored, it’s a sign your firebox is allowing heat to transfer.
Spalling – Cracking mortar and falling bricks mean there is a serious issue with your masonry. This can cause heat and fire to transfer through to the home materials, resulting in a devastating fire.
Shifting – A natural disaster can cause the chimney or foundation to shift. This affects the firebox by causing cracks, spalling, voids, and weaknesses.

Brickliners Rebuilds Fireboxes

We repair damaged fireboxes throughout Chittenden, Franklin, Addison, and Washington counties. We periodically complete re-pointing jobs where our expert masons remove the damaged mortar and brick from the firebox. Next, we mix new mortar that matches the existing mortar in both consistency and strength. This is important because if the mortar does not match, it will weaken the masonry. In addition, if it doesn’t match in color, it will not look the same as the rest of your fireplace. Our masons are professionally trained and experienced, so trust us to repair your firebox!

Brickliners Replaces Firebricks

The problem may be that your firebox wasn’t constructed correctly in the first place. Many general contractors aren’t aware of certain specifications and might have overlooked some important factors during construction. At Brickliners, our masons are experienced and trained in constructing with firebrick and refractory mortar. These important materials will help keep the fire in its place within the firebox. Damaged, weakened, or improper masonry in the firebox are a major hazard.

Brickliners Installs Firebox Inserts

A retro-fitted firebox insert may be the best way to get your fireplace running again. Many homeowners opt for an insert as a simple way to convert fuel-type or upgrade for better efficiency. When you hire Brickliners to install a fireplace insert, we’ll take accurate measurements first to ensure the insert fits perfectly in the existing firebox. You can choose from a variety of beautiful models to finish the job. It’s important to hire a professional for a chimney installation or repair of this magnitude. A professional will need to install the insert, make sure the firebox is safe for the insert, and then pipe up the chimney from the new appliance.

Call Brickliners about your stained, broken, or ugly firebox today, and we’ll fix it up for you! Dial 802-872-0123 or request an appointment online!

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