We Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

It’s spring, and although you may have stopped lighting a fire, your chimney is still serving a purpose. Your chimney works to keep water out year-round. During this time of year, storms and heavy rainfall can affect the chimney if it’s allowed inside. We’re here to help prevent water entry and damage.

Chimney Leaks

We Can Fix Your Chimney - Burlington VT - BricklinersThere are a several types of chimney leaks. Your masonry is adversely affected by water, and if water is allowed inside the chimney system, it can bring down the efficiency of the whole system by ruining it from the inside out. A chimney leak can cause:

  • Rusted parts, assemblies, and doors
  • Deteriorated metal, liner, and mortar
  • Rotting and stained wood, walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Stained, cracked, and deteriorated masonry
  • Collapsed heart support, tilted chimney
  • Mold and mildew growth, stains, and odors

If You Have a Chimney Leak

If your chimney hasn’t had an inspection in the last 12 months, if it’s missing a cap, crown, or flashing, or if it’s been affected by a severe storm, you may have a leak and not even realize it. Most homeowners don’t know what to look for, and damage is extensive by the time they notice signs of a leak. This is why routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections are so important. Only a chimney professional can notice minor problems and repair it before it causes major damage. The most important thing you can do is to pay attention to your system.

  • Do you hear water dripping?
  • Is there staining or moisture on the inside or outside of your masonry?
  • Do you know the last time your chimney was serviced or inspected?

You may even have a leak in another part of your house, and its caused by your chimney! When water enters the home by way of the chimney, it will travel through floors and walls until it reaches its lowest point, collects, and forms a leak. This is why you should call a chimney professional if you have a leak! A general contractor or handyman will not know to check the chimney first. Your first call should be Brickliners, and we’ll fix your leaky chimney.

Waterproofing and Water Repellent

At Brickliners, we get calls this time of year for chimney leaks and inspections that identify a leak. Our first order of business is to find the leak and repair it. Fixing the damage will make no difference if the leak persists. A faulty or missing cap, crown, or flashing are common causes of leaks. Once the system is check, parts are replaced and masonry is repaired. We then apply a waterproofing agent that keeps the water from penetrating the masonry itself. This industrial sealant is not like others you can buy in a home improvement store. This is a vapor-permeable water repellent, which means the chimney can keep working properly, venting vapors out, but it will have a barrier that keep water molecules from getting in. This waterproofing sealant lasts several years, and will protect your chimney from devastating leaks year-round.

Call Brickliners for your chimney leak repairs. Call 802-872-0123 today and ask about diagnosing your chimney leak today!

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