How Can Parging Help My Chimney?

Your chimney system is made up of many parts to help it run consistently and properly. Some parts are replaceable such as the cap or damper. However, other parts must be repaired or treated, as they make up and contribute to the structure of the chimney. The structure of the chimney includes the foundation, ash dump, firebox, smoke shelf/chamber, and flue. These are parts that make up your chimney, but like the masonry itself, it can become dirty and damaged. However, there is a repair called parging that help your chimney work efficiently.

What is a Smoke Chamber?

How Can Parging Help My Chimney - Burlington VT - BricklinersThe smoke chamber is the area in the chimney where smoke and hot air mixes together before rising up and out. Smoke shelf is the place for the air and pressure to linger until it rises, without falling back down. The smoke chamber must have a slant and a smooth surface to comply with safety standards. It also won’t work correctly if it is not clean, smooth, and properly-shaped.

Parging Explained

Parging is the professional repair method for smoke chambers. This process restores the smoke chamber back to its top function and efficiency. First, our professionals apply refractory mortar to the walls, making the surface smooth and redefining the dimensions. Then we fill the gaps and cracks. Any cracks in the smoke chamber allow smoke, gases, and heat to escape the chimney, causing a health hazard or fire.

Prevention and Maintenance

However, there are helpful tips to catch these problems in your smoke chamber. When it comes to the chimney system, leave the hard work to the professionals so you can rest easy.
  • Only hire professionals for construction, repairs, and maintenance. If you did not hire a certified chimney sweep and mason to construct your chimney, then it’s very likely your chimney is unsafe and not up to code. Hire a certified chimney sweep for every job because the health and safety of your property and family depend on it.
  • Schedule routine maintenance. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) both recommend routine maintenance and annual inspections to keep your chimney system working efficiently and safely. If there is a problem with your smoke chamber or chimney system, our team will notify your during the annual inspection. We also offer solutions to any of the issues to help you decide the proper way to fix it.
  • Burn proper fuel. Burning improper or unsafe fuel put your smoke chamber and chimney through unnecessary wear-and-tear. Only burn properly seasoned firewood to help your chimney work properly.

When it’s time for your chimney sweep, inspection, or repair include parging your smoke chamber, call Brickliners for any of your chimney issues. Call us at 802-872-0123 today to get started right now, so your chimney will be ready for that much anticipated fire when Fall arrives.

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