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August is just around the corner and homeowners are thinking about fall already. With fall comes cool weather and cozy fireplaces.

We Sell Gas Fireplaces - Burlington VT - Brickliners
Regency® Liberty® L965E Gas Fireplace

Next will come holidays, family gatherings, and group photos. This is the time to think about your fireplace, and how your fireplace can affect your fall and winter.

Gas V. Wood

When it comes to fires, gas is the favorite among many. Homeowners, business owners, and even hotels and B and Bs are using gas fireplaces. They are more convenient to use, easier to install and maintain, cheaper to heat, and less work than wood fireplaces. When you use gas fires, you can light your fireplace with a match or the press of a button. You can control the flame with a control knob, extinguish it just as easily, and better control the heat in your home. Gas fireplaces are great for heating in spring and fall, and for gatherings where the heat can quickly get out of hand. They also allow more safety when groups are gathered and children are present.

The biggest perk of having a gas fireplace is that you don’t have to mess with firewood! Your gas fireplace will still look realistic with life-like ceramic logs and beautiful flames, but without the ashes, the creosote, and the hard work that comes with cutting, hauling, and lighting logs. Choosing gas is the best option for anyone. Is it right for you?

Choosing Your Gas Fireplace

At Brickliners we choose only the best brands for our customers. Regency, Jøtul, Hearthstone, and Lopi offer all of the convenience and beauty of gas fireplaces that we want to experience ourselves–we want them for our Vermont neighbors and friends too. When you work with a professional from the beginning of your planning stages, you can be fitted with the best appliance for the space you have and the heat you need.

Regency – Choose from a gas insert, stove, or fireplace. Regency offers appliances in all sizes and heating capacities–including contemporary, traditional, and modern designs that will compliment your home and your personality. Your chimney professional can fit you with a direct vent insert, electronic ignition, remote controlled heat and flame, safety screens, accent lights, glowing embers, and the most realistic looking logs on the market.

Jøtul – Jøtul appliances last for generations. These appliances combine traditional style and modern function by using the historic cast iron designs of the Norwegians. Whether you want the look of a wood stove, or modern charm, Jøtul can bring life to your living room.

Hearthstone – These freestanding gas stoves can fit anywhere in your home. The cast iron look, or the contemporary one is possible with Hearthstone. Choose one with a fire-view window that will give you the ambiance you never knew you needed.

Lopi – These gas stoves are perfect for home heating and zone heating. These appliances are detailed down to the last inch, and Lopi has mastered realistic flames, log sets, and embers to offer the most beautiful fires gas has to offer as well as high heat output.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home with a fireplace that won’t disappoint, contact a Brickliners expert today. Call 802-872-0123 or schedule online.

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