Get Your Chimney Swept Before Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about the cozy nights around the fire. By now you probably already have a decent accumulation of seasoned firewood, but it won’t make a difference if your fireplace is not ready for use. A poorly-maintained fireplace and chimney system will not perform well this winter. It is also unsafe to use and a waste of your firewood.

Why Clean Your Chimney

Get Your Chimney Swept Before Fall - Burlington VT - BricklinersAs organic materials like pellets or firewood is burned, it produces soot and creosote along with gases and heat. These substances should all be vented out of the chimney flue. Instead, these byproducts are deposited on the inside of your flue. They need to be removed routinely to prevent buildup or obstruction. By scheduling a chimney sweep now, it will prevent smoky odors that affect your entire home and your system is ready for use this upcoming burn-season.

When to Schedule

If you haven’t had your chimney swept in the last 12 months, now is time to get an appointment. In fact, it’s best to schedule a sweep after each burn season. It’s also important to schedule a chimney sweep if you have recently purchased a home or if your fireplace hasn’t been used in a year or more. If your fireplace is smoky, drafty, or working poorly, then you should schedule our sweeps to come take a look at your system today.

A chimney sweep knows how to safely remove the soot, creosote, and debris buildups with brushes and a vacuuming system to keep the hazardous chemicals out of your home and ensures your system is ready for use. At Brickliners, our technicians finish each sweeping job with an assessment to ensure the masonry is intact, and the crown, cap, and flashing are properly-installed.

Other Important Maintenance

At Brickliners, it’s our top goal to ensure the safety of our customers in Vermont by providing comprehensive chimney care. If you haven’t scheduled your sweep, now is the time. An inspection is a thorough assessment of the entire system, top to bottom, inside and out. When you schedule now, you will have plenty of time to make necessary repairs before burn season.

We also specialize in masonry repair including custom masonry, chimney liners, gas services, chimney repairs, installations, and more. We highly recommend preventative care such as waterproofing services, which protects your masonry against water damage this winter. Ask our chimney experts about chimney sweeping and winter prep services today. Beat the fall rush by scheduling now or call 802-872-0123.

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