Why Invest in a Top Sealing Damper?

You may consider a top sealing damper replacement due to a faulty throat damper, or you may be looking for better options because you’re tired of wasting money on utilities month after month. Your throat damper is not the best option anymore. Advances in manufacturing and technologies have given us a better option. The top sealing damper is the new damper of choice. Let a Brickliners professional tell you why.

Save Money Year-Roundchimney with metal roof
Your throat damper, whether it’s functioning or not is wasting your money. This is because it doesn’t have a complete seal and air passes through year-round. During the summer your conditioned air can escape through the flue, and during the winter, your heated air does. This wasted air can cost you up to three times more in heating and cooling costs. Instead of wasting money, save it with a top-sealing damper. The airtight seal prevents air from passing through–in or out. When you’re fire is out, close the damper from a convenient cord at the hearth and all your heated air stays indoors.

Prevent Damage Year-Round
The top sealing damper is a better option than the throat damper for many reasons. Mainly, the top sealing damper seals from the top! That means, no air or moisture can get in the chimney. It’s protected from the top, down–from animals, snow, water, and debris year-round. When the damper is opened, the mesh protects the flue opening from animal intrusion too.
Water Damage – Of all the things that can damage your chimney, water is the worst. During the spring, water can enter through damaged parts of the masonry or flashing and cause staining, rust, mold and mildew, and even nasty unwelcome odors. During the fall and winter, water can lead to substantial damage as it freezes and thaws throughout the season.
Animal Intrusion – It may be simple to remove an animal from a chimney system, but even if you can do it yourself, you need to call a professional. Animals that get into your chimney can leave behind nesting materials, fur, and feathers which can catch fire in the system. They leave urine and droppings in the system which can stink and affect your health. If they are able to escape themselves, they likely left claw marks on the liner and other damage to the system that will need to be assessed and addressed. Call Brickliners for humane animal removal or to have your system cleaned and inspected today.

Brickliners is the leader for comprehensive chimney care in Vermont. We service and install the best products in the industry and only recommend those we’d put on our own house!

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