What Does a Damaged Chimney Look Like?

When it comes to your chimney system, the chimney crown withstand more weather and wear and tear than any of the other parts. It literally crowns the top of the chimney, acting as a ceiling to keep water and weather out. It’s constructed out of certain materials and made in a certain shape in order to work properly, but for what purpose? To keep water out of the system and to keep water off of the masonry.

Chimney Crowns and Water Damage

When your chimney crown is constructed improperly or gets damaged, your whole chimney system can suffer. You can expect water leaks throughout the house and damage throughout the system. When water penetrates your masonry chimney, it wreaks havoc on parts and structure, drops the efficiency of the system, and raises the risk of fire substantially. Water damage causes rust, deteriorate, rot, and collapse the system from the inside out. This is why we highly recommend repairs immediately when a problem occurs.

Damaged Crowns

masonry chimneyMost people cannot see the top of your chimney crown, but you can see subtle changes that might indicate wear and tear. For instance, rust and water stains along the masonry are a sign that the crown isn’t directing water off the chimney properly. If you see visible cracks and deterioration, then there is a significant problem. Other signs of a damaged crown include the following instances.

  • Crumbling mortar
  • Rotting wood around or near the chimney
  • Spalling or cracked bricks and mortar
  • Collapsed or partially collapsed chimney
  • Firebox deterioration
  • Rusted fireplace and chimney components
  • Stained walls and ceiling
  • Stained masonry
  • Musty, moldy chimney odors
  • Damaged flue liner

Crown Repairs and Rebuild

Your chimney crown might have damage because it was not slanted properly in the first place, and the flat surface allows water to pool and cause damage. If the damage isn’t too extensive, you can address it with proper repairs. However, sometimes, your crown may need a replacement completely.

Our chimney crowns are of the best quality and long-lasting. We are sure of our poured chimney crowns that they come with a 10 year warranty! These crowns are thick, durable, and extend past the edge of the masonry to direct water to drip down and onto the flashing instead of running down the chimney. A crown wash or splay is a cheaper option which is thinner. This option offers less protection. They may need repaired sooner, but they still come with a 5 year warranty.

No matter which crown repair or replacement option you choose, you can count on Brickliners. We diagnose leaks, inspect and sweep chimney systems, repair masonry, and more. For a complete list of our services, click here. Call 802-872-0123 or schedule online today.

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