We Repair and Replace Chimney Liners

The Chimney Liner

The liner of your chimney has many jobs. It’s one of the largest parts of the chimney system, and very important for safety and efficiency. TheWe Can Fix Your Chimney - Burlington VT - Brickliners chimney liner acts as a barrier, keeping the heat from the fire from affecting the rest of the house or damaging the masonry. It also protects the masonry from corrosive materials and chemicals that are produced by the fire. This barrier doesn’t just keep the home safe, but also the family living in the home. The liner keeps toxic gases from escaping through the masonry and affecting the breathable air in the home. Since the liner is hidden from sight, it can be difficult to recognize a problem. The heat from the chimney may be weakening the structural integrity of your home, or you may be breathing in toxic fumes without ever realizing it. A damaged liner is dangerous for everyone in the home and it should be repaired or replaced right away–before using the fireplace!

We Replace Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are so important for safe and proper function of the system that we replace them with whatever type of liner you need in order to restore function. An expert can help you determine the best type of liner to suit your need and fuel type. There are three primary types of liners that we install at Brickliners.

Clay Tiles/Terra Cotta – The most common type of liner because they’re cheap and readily accessible, these aren’t the best. Because they don’t absorb and distribute heat well, clay tile and terra cotta liners actually crack and break over time. They also are not appropriate or safe to use with gas appliances.

Metal Liners – Metal liners are the longest lasting, but are more expensive than other options. Stainless steel liners can be used for any fuel type while aluminum liners are recommended for only gas fuel use. These liners can help resize the flue and require high-temperature insulation at installation.

Cast-in-Place – These liners are cast into the chimney, taking the shape of the chimney, forming a seamless barrier and improving the structural integrity of older chimneys. Cast-in-place liners are also appropriate for all fuel types.

We Repair Chimney Liners

We repair liners in order to help homeowners across our service area stay safe and warm each winter. In order to repair liners without breaking your wallet, we depend on HeatShield. Using HeatShield’s Cerfractory Sealant we are able to repair damaged liners using a sealant along with a custom installation blade. The process is fairly easy and no product is wasted. In fact, our technicians at Brickliners are licensed and certified to use HeatShield. It’s environmentally friendly, factory-tested, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Using HeatShield, we don’t just repair minor damages, but we can also fully restore the liner or reline it completely.

Ask a Brickliners professional about how we can repair or replace your liner now. With a little work now, we can have your chimney safe for this fall too!

Call Brickliners to schedule a consultation with a chimney expert today. Dial 802-872-0123 or schedule an appointment online today.

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