Signs of a Leaky Chimney

Of all the times of year that you might notice a chimney leak, spring is the most common. The chimney might leak during other times of the year, but the high amounts of water that fall during the spring months make leaks easily detectable to homeowners. Ordinarily, leaks aren’t noticed by homeowners because they don’t know what to look for, where to look, and much of the problem is hidden within the system. A chimney professional will not only find the leak, but fix the damage, and correct the problem. Schedule routine services with a professional chimney sweep in order to catch a leak before it causes costly and dangerous damage.

Signs of a LeakView in rainy weather

Your chimney might be leaking from the inside or the outside. The most common site of a leak is the flashing that protects the intersection of the roof and chimney. It is so common for the flashing to leak that it will be the first place your chimney sweeps checks when you call about a leak. You should call your chimney sweep if you suspect a leak. Signs include:

-Sounds or visible evidence of dripping

-Discolored bricks, including efflorescence or rust stains

-Spalling masonry

-Rusted parts

-Drop inefficiency

-Mildew or moldy odors

-Leaks in other areas of the house

Call the Professionals

Your chimney leak may allow water into other parts of your home. The water will run through walls, ceilings, and floors until it reaches the lowest point where it pools and forms a leak. This leak may be rooms away from the chimney giving the illusion that it is caused by an upper story bathroom or a roofing problem. Many homeowners may call a general contractor who may repair the damage, but will not know to check the chimney. If you experience a leak in any area of your house and your home has a chimney, your first call should be the chimney sweep. Only a certified chimney sweep will know where to look and what to do about your leak. We are certified professionals and our team is experienced in chimney diagnosis and treatment, but we also work to prevent them through waterproofing services including chimney cap installations, chase cover repairs, chimney crown repairs, flashing installation and repairs, and application of water repellants. The water repellant we use is 100 percent vapor permeable, keeping water out of the system while allowing the chimney to breathe as necessary to work properly.

Your chimney leak may seem minor, but it will cause major damage in just a short time. Water can destroy masonry from the inside out, costing you money, time, and safety in the process.

Don’t leave your system up to chance, leave it up to the professionals who can restore your chimney now and have it ready for a fire this fall. If you suspect a leak, call Brickliners at 802-872-0123 today.

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