The Many Benefits of Re-Pointing

No matter where you reside in the U.S, your chimney might have taken on damage during the long winter. It might have taken on so much damage this winter, or over time, that your masonry needs attention. If your chimney shows signs of masonry damage, it’s important to schedule repairs before more damage occurs. Damaged masonry allows water into the system, which causes further damage.

Spring Showers and Your Masonry

crumbling masonry Even if you’ve had no problem with chimney leaks or masonry damage through the years, masonry damage can be subtle, and water damage can go unnoticed for some time. Masonry is used in chimneys for the specific properties that make it ideal (porousness, durability). However, the same materials that make your masonry perfect for a chimney, also make it susceptible to water damage. When your masonry becomes damaged, it should be repaired right away to avoid costs and hazards later.

Spalling Masonry

Over time and because of the bitter winter, your masonry get damage such as cracks and gaps. When mortar cracks and crumbles, it is called spalling masonry, and it can become a big problem fairly quickly. If left unrepaired, the spalling masonry will eventually become large gaps, loosening the bricks, and allowing pieces of brick and mortar to fall out. This can damage the flashing and roof, and it can also cause injury and allow significant water damage in the chimney and your home.

Professional Masonry Repairs

When it comes to your masonry, it’s important to hire a licensed professional for the repairs. A certified chimney sweep has the experience and the tools to repair your spalling masonry safely and correctly. We strongly discourage homeowner attempting to climb on the roof to make repairs. Not only is this very unsafe, but it will likely put you chimney and home in harm’s way.

Re-Pointing, Tuckpointing, and Spot Pointing

It goes by many names, but re-pointing should by done by professionals only. Our team at Brickliners can remove affected and damaged brick and mortar carefully. Then we will mixes new mortar of equal strength, consistency, and color to replace the brick. When the job is done, you can count on the masonry being stronger than before and the repair will be seamless. Our masons will match the mortar perfectly.

Choose Brickliners

If you reside in Northwestern Vermont, and you have recently noticed damage to your masonry, call Brickliners today. We’ve been in operation since 2005, we have been bringing safety and comfort to homes in Chittenden, Franklin, Addison, and Washington counties for over a decade. Our continuing education and training is one way we stay up-to-date with the latest technology and skills to serve our customers. From routine maintenance, diagnostics, repairs and installation, you can count on Brickliners and Jake Loeffler. Call Brickliners today at 802-872-0123 or schedule online now!

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