We Can Construct New Chimneys Or Rebuild Old Ones

Your chimney is likely the finest fixture in your home. The fireplace is the focal point of your home décor, while the chimney brings together the aesthetic of the home’s exterior. No matter how old or new your chimney is, if it becomes damaged or worn, you will see it! Your guests will see it! Prospective homebuyers, neighbors, and everyone else will see it too. The most dangerous hazard is a cosmetic nightmare when your chimney is damaged. At Brickliners, we are master masons with experience constructing chimneys. We also rebuild chimney systems.

The Importance of Masonry Experience

man laying down bricksWhen it comes to building, rebuilding, or repairing a chimney, it is paramount for homeowners to hire professionals. Your masons should be classroom and field trained in the chimney and fire science. They should have experience in a variety of stone and brickwork and design, and they should be familiar with local and federal fire safety standards. Our masons at Brickliners are experienced professionals with the expertise you need for your chimney build or rebuild. When you choose Brickliners, you will receive exceptional work and quality customer service throughout the whole process. Our goal is excellence and beauty, second only to our top goal: safety for your family and home.

Chimney Rebuilds

We restore chimneys and fireplaces all throughout Vermont. Whether the damage is caused by water, age, or more, we can bring it back to life by rebuilding and repairing your masonry. When you schedule with Brickliners, we’ll first inspect the system and offer a repair plan. If it means a rebuild, we can handle that too. First, we’ll remove the affected masonry (even if it’s a complete tear-down) and replace it to your specifications and need. We can restore even the most badly damaged chimneys, and restore them back to exactly the size, shape, and design as before.

Chimney Construction

Whether you want stone, limestone, brick, or veneer, we can fix your chimney up with the best choice for your home and personality. Building a chimney is not as simple as laying down brick. An experienced professional will check to make sure your chimney is on a proper foundation to withstand the weight of an entire chimney. You may choose to add an ash dump to your fireplace or design an elaborate hearth. Our professionals at Brickliners can properly design and build your chimney from the firebox to chimney cap. We can even properly size and smooth the smoke chamber, flue, crown, and liner.

Not sure if your chimney needs a full rebuild? Call Brickliners for a consultation. Our team will be able to get your chimney back to working order with an elaborate repair or simple tuck-pointing or firebox rebuild.

Schedule an inspection annually to stay ahead of damages. Brickliners completes inspections year-round, and we can address any repairs or rebuilds this summer so that you can use your chimney and fireplace this fall! Call us at 802-872-0123 or schedule online.

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