Why We Believe in Ongoing Education

The chimney industry is one that changes constantly. The technological advancements that affect both the diagnostics and the standards for chimneys allow us to offer the best services and products to our customers. Because the industry is always changing, it’s important that diagnosticians and technicians are always learning and relearning along with the industry.

At Brickliners, we maintain certifications in CSIA and F.I.R.E. credentials because these are the best and most thorough certifications in the industry. If there is a change or advancement in chimney safety or fire science, these organizations will implement these changes in their education programs. We trust these programs with our education, which affects our customer’s homes and lives.

Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)

masonry brick chimneyAt the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimney safety has been a priority since the 1980s. Certified chimney sweeps are required to continue education every three years through re-certification or classwork. Unlike other organizations, which offer a “one and done” credential, CSIA is the one that professionals must constantly work for and toward, bettering themselves and their craft.

In addition to recertification, CSIA also requires members to adhere to a stringent code of ethics. This includes learning and utilizing chimney and venting safety practices promoted by CSIA, to be honest in business and practice, to comply with building codes, promote chimney safety practices, continually update knowledge, skills, and technique, and more. It is our goal as chimney professionals to offer the best services to you to ensure the safety of your family and the value of your property.

F.I.R.E. Service

Our chimney sweeps are also certified F.I.R.E. inspectors, qualified to offer the most thorough inspections in the chimney and ventilation industry. Continued education through F.I.R.E. includes construction defects, product performance, case studies, fire losses, building codes, industry standards, product information, venting requirements, and much more. Whether you need a chimney sweep, an investigator, adjuster, or inspector, the continued education we make a priority makes our team the best for the job.

Brickliners Above the Rest

At Brickliners, education is important to us. We are CSIA certified chimney sweeps, C-DET certified dryer exhaust technicians, certified by the state of Vermont as a Natural Gas Installer, and we are members of state and national chimney sweep guilds. We educate our technicians and provide training so that we are certified dealers, installers, and technicians for top brands. It’s our goal that nothing will hinder our team from serving your family and home.

We have the training, education, and the experience to back our work. Call Brickliners for your next chimney or venting service or schedule an appointment online today.

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