Common Chimney Repairs

Now is the time to consider your chimney system and make sure it’s ready for fires this fall. Sometimes It’s not enough to just have regular cleaning and inspections. Your inspection might have revealed the need for repairs. You should schedule necessary repairs before burn season. You cannot burn a fire in a damaged or hazardous fireplace or chimney.

Do not leave your safety and health up to chance; leave it up to the professionals. Only the professionals should service your chimney, make installations, and complete repairs. At Brickliners, we commonly see a handful of repairs during the offseason and we can help resolve these issues for our customers before temperatures drop this fall.

Missing or Damaged Parts

masonry chimneyThere are many important parts of the chimney system that keep it working safely and properly. The chimney cap, crown, and flashing can take on damage over time. When these parts become damaged, the result is a chimney leak. When you allow water into your chimney system, it damages the chimney and the home from the inside out. A contractor might repair the water damage without stopping it at its source. Brickliners will diagnose chimney leaks, repair the damage, and prevent recurrence! Fixing chimney leaks now will prevent further damage later on.

Masonry Damage

Over time, masonry can take on damage even when it’s made of the best materials and constructed by the best masons. Harsh New England winters can cause freezing moisture to damaged mortar and lead to spalling masonry. This type of damage can be repaired through a process called tuckpointing, but it’s important to only have a certified professional for this repair. Only a professional can meticulously remove damaged brick and mortar and perfectly match new mortar of equal consistency, strength, and color so the repair is seamless and strong. Brickliners can perform tuckpointing and other masonry repairs necessary to restore your chimney to safety this winter.

Damaged or Poorly-Constructed Crown

Unfortunately, the chimney industry is not filled with reputable professionals willing to put customer safety above a big payout. Chimney crowns, which should be expertly crafted and custom-fit to each chimney are often thrown together with extra materials. When this poor construction is combined with a long harsh winter, the result is often a badly damaged crown and even worse chimney leak.

At Brickliners, we often see damaged and worn out crowns that either leak or no longer shed water as they should. We repair cracked and gapped crowns with a special industrial sealant and replace them completely if necessary. You can count on Brickliners to construct a thick, durable, and long-lasting crown that will even come with a 10-year warranty. This is not a comprehensive list of all that can go wrong with your chimney system by any means, but if your chimney has a hazard, we will find it. Call Brickliners at 802-872-0123 and put your chimney in the hands of the professionals. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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