The Consequences of Damaged Masonry

No matter if your chimney has stood for one year or a hundred years, it endures extreme abuse year-round. Even well-made chimneys can become damaged due to weather and time and should be repaired as soon as possible. Failing to make necessary repairs when the masonry becomes damaged can lead to a host of problems and hazards.

Common Masonry Damage

snowy roof and chimneyAt Brickliners, we commonly see masonry damage in the spring due to harsh Vermont winters. We frequently perform chimney inspections to identify masonry damage before it becomes a costly and dangerous problem. We are so used to diagnosing chimney problems in our area that we know exactly where to look.

Spalling Masonry – When the masonry takes on water over time and is battered by weather over time, the masonry can begin to crack, flake, and crumble. This is called spalling masonry. It is unsightly, dangerous, and leads to even more damage. Our technicians at Brickliners are able to repair spalling masonry through a process called tuckpointing. We first remove the affected the mortar and bricks, then replace them with new mortar. The new mortar must be mixed exactly to be the same consistency, strength, and color as the old mortar. When the job is done correctly, your chimney will be stronger and the chimney should be seamless.

Leaky Chimney – Possibly the most common chimney problem identified in the spring is the leaky chimney. It is often a result of a damaged or missing chimney cap, crown, or flashing, the result is always the same—more damage. Our team doesn’t just diagnose leaky chimneys and fix the damage. We fix the damage and stop the leak at its source. For good measure, we waterproof masonry with a vapor-permeable water repellent, which keeps water out for up to 8 years, while letting the chimney breathe.

Summer Chimney Repairs Keeping Winter Fires Safe

If your chimney professional has identified chimney damage, it’s imperative these repairs are made before the fall. Making repairs before summer’s end will ensure your fireplace and chimney system is ready for use this fall. Waiting may mean some cold nights before you are able to get an appointment with a chimney professional. Neglecting important chimney repairs can also lead to more problems. A damaged chimney will work less efficiently, raising the risk of fire, wasting fuel, and leading to more damage that will cost you money.

Schedule your masonry repairs now to avoid serious water damage to both your chimney system and your home. If you haven’t had your chimney system inspected, we can handle that too. The experts at Brickliners have a fairly open schedule this time of year. Take advantage now and get your inspection, sweep, and repairs before the Fall Rush. To schedule call 802-872-0123 or use our online scheduling tool.

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