Ready to Use The Fireplace? Schedule a Sweeping First

Pumpkins are donning porch steps. There are inflatable ghouls awaiting trick-or-treaters on side-walks. Leaves are falling from trees. It seems everything in our neighborhoods and communities are pointing to fall, but is your fireplace ready? You may be ready to light that first fire of the year, but your fireplace may not be! In order to ensure your fireplace and chimney system is safe and ready for fires this fall, schedule a chimney sweep now. There is still time before the cool weather, and we can help.two chimneys

Clean Chimneys, Safe Chimneys

There is more to your fireplace than meets the eye. What you see maybe a clean firebox and patiently-waiting gas log set. What you don’t see is that entire chimney system which takes on the most abuse and byproducts when the fireplace is in use. Even if your fire lights and seems to burn properly, there may be obstructions and deposits in the flue that are flammable and drop efficiently. Is the smoke from your chimney white, or more clear? Have you had your system checked over by a professional in the last 12 months? Are you certain there aren’t serious hazards lurking in the unseen portions of your chimney?

A chimney sweep is one of the most important appointments you may make for your home. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that the chimneys that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually are the safest and most efficient. Many homeowners choose to schedule chimney maintenance in the spring as part of “spring cleaning”. Others wait for the fall. No matter what, it needs to be done before the first fire of the season. Schedule now and your chimney can be cleaned and hazards can be recognized and handled in time for low temperatures.

What to Expect

Schedule your chimney sweep now to avoid the Fall Rush. Waiting may mean your company or technician of choice is too busy with other work to get it done. We want to provide your services, so schedule now and get on the books! Call our office at 802-872-0123 and get on the schedule with a CSIA certified chimney sweep today. On the appointed day, a technician will arrive on time and with visible company identification. First, we will confirm the service that was scheduled and ensure the fireplace hasn’t been used in 48 hours. Drop cloths will be placed around the fireplace opening to protect your furniture and flooring, and the dust and particles from the chimney will be collected and contained with an industrial vacuuming system. Expect to see rods and brushes which are used to remove soot and creosote, and allow time and space for your chimney sweep to work. If at any time the Brickliners chimney sweep reveals a hazard such as damage or glazed creosote, you will be notified right away with a recommendation from our experts. When the appointment is complete, we clean up after ourselves and take our leave without bothering you unnecessarily. After one service is a great time to schedule the next one while it’s fresh in your mind.

Please don’t put your family at risk by using a dirty chimney this fall. Call Brickliners to schedule valuable services that help you stay safe and warm.

Call or schedule your chimney sweep appointment online.

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