The Importance of Chimney Flashing

One of the most important parts of the chimney system is flashing. Many homeowners assume it’s part of the roofing, others understand it’s part of the chimney—but what is it? The flashing is made up of thin sheets of metal that are placed meticulously to shed water in a certain way to prevent water penetration. The flashing should only be installed by a chimney professional and inspected annually to ensure that it’s in place.

The importance of chimney flashing - Burlington VT - BricklinersFlashing to Prevent Water Damage

Flashing may be one of the most important parts of the chimney system and one of the most common reasons for a chimney leak. It’s so common for the flashing to be the cause of a serious water leak that it’s the first thing a professional will check. At Brickliners, we need our customers to understand the importance of prevention and the seriousness of water damage. The intersection of the chimney with your roof is the most susceptible to water penetration and can only be prevented with flashing.

Your chimney flashing can prevent water damage to the chimney and the rest of the house including rust, deterioration, rot, mold, stains, clogs, decay, collapse, and settlement. The worst thing that can happen to your masonry chimney is water penetration which can lead to serious and costly damage. The water that enters by way of your flashing will not only damage your chimney but can also cause leaks in the rest of your house. Instead of calling the plumber when you have a leak, call the chimney expert.

Professionally Installed Flashing

Flashing should be installed by a licensed and certified chimney professional like Brickliners or another CSIA certified chimney company. A roofer or general contractor may make a bid for the job, but they likely can’t complete the job properly, not being trained in chimney science and fire safety standards. The flashing should only be installed by a professional who understands the placement of the metal sheets, the slant of the roof, and the material of the roof and chimney. It may be that your chimney and roof could use a cricket to add more protection. This is an option to discuss with your chimney professional during your routine chimney inspection or sweep.

Flashing Installation in Vermont

Winters in Vermont can be rough and it’s important to take care of the chimney and fireplace system this winter so it can take care of you. Schedule a consultation with Brickliners to find out if you need a new flashing installation. We also diagnose and repair chimney leaks and inspect the entire chimney system to keep your chimney working safely and efficiently all year-round. Some reasons we may recommend a flashing repair is if the original installation was done improperly, if nails are visible, or if the flashing is covered in sealant or roofing tar.

Before you spend the winter uncertain, lighting fires in a chimney that may be unsafe, call Brickliners to schedule an appointment. Call 802-872-0123 or schedule online.

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