Do Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs Need to be Inspected?

Many homeowners choose gas logs and fireplaces due to the ease of installation, low maintenance, and overall convenience and use. Despite the reason Do Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs Need to be Inspected? - Burlington VT - Bricklinersbeing primarily convenience, it’s important to note that though these units are better in many ways and release fewer fumes and pollution, they still must be maintained properly in order to work properly and safely. Gas fireplaces and log sets should be purchased from a licensed retailer, installed by a certified professional and routinely cleaned and serviced in order to work properly and for as long as it’s designed to work. Gas fireplace appliances are very eco-friendly and safe as long as they’re installed and used properly.

Unsafe and Inefficient Gas Appliances

Gas fire appliances are safer and more efficient than wood fires, but they can have their share of issues. Gas fires don’t produce creosote as organic fuel does, but it does create substantial water vapors which can also damage a chimney if neglected. As service appointments are neglected, other problems can arise with the gas fireplace or appliance:
Condensation – Because a gas fireplace uses almost all of the heat produced, there is very little left to rise up the chimney. The flue needs heat to push the air up, so without it, the air slows down and condensation lines the flue. As ventilation suffers, the condensation produced by the gas fire will enter the rest of the home leading to cracking paint, buckling wallpaper and paneling, and even respiratory issues.
Incomplete Combustion – As the ventilation becomes less efficient, there is less air pulled through the system to allow proper combustion. Burning 1 cubic foot of natural gas requires 10 cubic feet of air to complete combustion. If the chimney is too cool and if the draft is compromised, the carbon monoxide produced by the fire will not move up the chimney and out of the house. Carbon monoxide exposure can lead to serious organ damage and even death, especially when the carbon monoxide leak is an ongoing problem.

Your Gas Fireplace

If you’re looking to add a gas fireplace to your home, now is the time. Costs are lower in the winter and early spring than in the first part of the burn season. You may be able to find new appliances at close-out prices and use your tax refund for a professional install that will add value to your home this year. When you’re starting plans for your new fire appliance it’s important to start and finish with the professionals.

Expert Fireplace Installations in Vermont – Whether you’re looking for a wood, gas, or pellet fire appliance, we have what you’re looking for at Brickliners. We sell only the best products and install them according to manufacturer guidelines and local municipal codes. Ask a Brickliners fire expert about our Regency, Jøtul, Hearthstone, and Lopi gas units.

Gas Fireplace Services in Vermont – When you’re ready to make the switch to a gas fire, it’s important to ensure you can afford the time and money required annually to have it serviced. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) asserts that the safest and most efficient chimney systems—of all fuel types—are the ones that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. Your gas fireplace must be regularly inspected, serviced, and repaired as needed in order to maintain safety, efficiency, and even convenience. As the fireplace or log set stops working properly, your ignition, remote, and burners can malfunction. If problems arise with the flue system itself, then ventilation will suffer and health risks go up.

What to Expect During Your Brickliners Gas Service

When you schedule a gas service with Brickliners, you can expect a thorough inspection of the appliance, connections, and the chimney system. In addition, your technician will:

  • Remove and clean logs
  • Clean the glass
  • Test the blowers and electrical components
  • Replace embers if needed
  • Check for any CO2 leaks
  • Ignite and test the appliance

Your unit may or may not need a repair. It may be perfectly safe, but your annual inspection will determine this for sure. In order to ensure the safety of your home and your family, the gas service and inspection should be a priority before each burn season. Our business of keeping families and homes safe in our area is why we offer our services year-round. If you haven’t had your gas fireplace serviced this burn season, it’s not too late. One of our technicians can get out to your home and inspect and service your appliance quickly and properly. This type of appointment is completed in just a short time and leaves your home without a mess and without a fuss. If your technician finds an issue with your system, a report will be made in writing and repair plans quoted and scheduled.

Schedule gas services with Brickliners today by calling 802-872-0123 or using our online scheduling tool.

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