Got Gas Appliances? We Service and Repair Them!

Gas appliances are growing in popularity. They aren’t just in family homes, but now in apartments, condos, businesses, and hotels! If you have a gas appliance, you probably chose it for all the convenience and low-maintenance that comes along with it. Though gas appliances require very little maintenance and repairs, when they do need them, they should be completed by a professional. When an amateur attempts services or repairs, it can lead to serious problems for the homeowner and safety hazards for the whole family.We Service, Install, & Repair Gas Appliances - Burlington VT - Brickliners

Gas Services

Gas appliances offer a clean burn, modern conveniences, and luxurious style that competes with even the best wood-burning fires. It doesn’t matter what brand of gas appliance you have, how new it is, how little you use it, it still needs to be installed, serviced, and repaired by a professional.
Installation – Your gas appliance should be installed properly in order to avoid serious problems like carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leak, and ventilation problems. At Brickliners, we’ve been installing fire products for friends, neighbors, and customers in Vermont for over a decade. All of our techs are CSIA-certified and install according to manufacturer guidelines as well as local and federal fire code regulations.
Services – For a regular service appointment, you can expect to have your gas appliance checked for safety, damage, wear-and-tear, and cleaned thoroughly. In fact, we’ll remove and clean the gas logs, clean the glass, test the blowers and electrical components, replace embers when necessary, check for CO2 leaks, and test the appliance with a fire!
Repairs – During your annual inspection, we may make a recommendation for necessary repairs. Your technician will provide a report of findings and a repair plan that will get your gas fire ready for fall. When you schedule your annual inspection before fall, it leaves you and your chimney sweep time to make the repairs before cool weather arrives.

Why Choose Gas?

If gas fireplaces need annual services just like wood fireplaces, what is the point? Have you heard all about the benefits and conveniences of gas appliances, but still not sure what the big deal is? Brickliners can help you get the most out of your gas appliance! When it is installed correctly, serviced regularly, and repaired properly, your gas appliance will be the best choice you ever made for your home and your heat.
Easy Ignition – Gas appliances feature near-instant ignition, using a pilot light and ignition switch or button. Some older models will require a match light, but should still light immediately if there are no problems with the unit.
Precise Temperature Control – Many gas appliances have convenient and precise temperature control. Some units even have a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature from your couch or your bed! You can not only control the flame, fire size, and temperature, but also extinguish it immediately. Gas appliances cool quicker than wood, and are safer.
Mess-Free – Your gas appliance means no wood to cut, haul, or store, no ashes to clean up, and less soot and creosote to junk up the chimney system. This means more affordable sweeps, and less frequency of necessary appointments.

When it’s time for that appointment, though, you know who to call! The fireplace experts are a phone call away. Call 802-872-0123 or schedule online.

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