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Every fireplace and fire appliance will need routine maintenance in order to stay safe and efficient season after season. Many homeowners may think that only wood-burning fires warrant maintenance, but all fires will need it at least annually. Gas appliances are the most sought after, the most efficient, and the most convenient. Low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance. Your gas fireplace will need professional services in order to prevent serious damage, continue to work properly and safely and maintain the manufacturer warranty.

Problems With Gas Fireplacesgas fireplace with stone surround with orange wall

The biggest problems that may arise from gas fireplace are caused by neglect, plain and simple. The very units that homeowners desire, both vented and vent-free units, produce water vapor as the gas is burned. If the unit isn’t properly maintained, cleaned, and vented, it can lead to incomplete combustion and condensation that causes moisture damage in the home.

Spring Maintenance

When you’re planning your spring To Do list and budgeting for spring projects, don’t forget your gas fireplace. These units should be inspected and cleaned annually in order to burn at their safest and most efficient. When you schedule gas services with Brickliners, you can count on the best service in the area. We remove and clean the ceramic logs, clean the fireplace unit glass doors, test the blowers and electrical components, replace embers if necessary, check for CO2 leaks, and finally test the appliance. If our fireplace expert finds a problem, you’ll get a full report and a repair plan. We not only inspect and service these gas units, but we are certified to repair them by the industry’s top brands.

Do You Need Gas Fireplace Services?

Perhaps you haven’t ever had your gas fireplace serviced. Maybe you just purchased your home and you think the home inspection was enough. This may not be enough! Your fireplace will need to be serviced by a professional annually no matter how often it is used and no matter how it is working. A fireplace that functions perfectly will need to be serviced annually just as a fireplace with problems will need that annual service as well.

Other Reasons to Schedule Gas Fireplace Services

You may need to schedule gas fireplace services at other times between annual appointments. You need to schedule a service appointment if your unit was not professionally installed. If your gas service is interrupted if your burners are not all igniting and if your CO2 detector has alerted you of any leaks or danger. Do not assume the unit is safe just because it is lighting as it should. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)  states that all chimneys and venting systems and their attached appliance require inspection every year to ensure correct operation and proper ventilation.

Do you have a gas fireplace that hasn’t been checked over in the last 12 months? Now is the time to schedule your gas fireplace services! Scheduling in the off-season will allow inspection and necessary repairs without interrupting the use of your fireplace.

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